Full Circle in a Really Nice Way – DoWoo #116/365

Started my day sleeping in!  YEAH! What a wonderful Christmas present to ourselves.  Gregory crawled in around 7:15 and after about 15 minutes asked if we could get up and go see the tree.  I asked him how he wanted to proceed. He said tree first and then stockings (family room downstairs). What about breakfast? Afterwards!

Love it!

One of the things I remember about Christmas morning as a kid…we were allowed to sneak a peek at the tree and the mounds of presents (can’t believe my mom did all that for the 7 of us!) but we had to have orange juice first, then we could have our stocking, then we would wait for everyone to do the samebefore we’d have breakfast AND THEN we’d gather around the tree and do the presents.  This was of course done in an orderly fashion with each person being given a present and then we waited our turn, watching what the others opened until it came to us. There was never paper flying or boxes being ripped open like you see in the movies. Not sure if this was due to my father’s Air Force background or the only way you could keep some semblance of order with 7 children.

So…I gave our son the choice this morning and we went to the tree. He immediately noticed all the boxes and bags and while I told him to go find what was under the tree addressed to him, he chose something for Mya from him first. Making sure she had her new toys to play with. He then methodically worked his way through each gift, delivering it to Walter or me or sitting down and opening anything with his name on it. While each was opened he waited and appreciated each gift for each person.

What was painful to me as a child is now precious to me as a parent.  I appreciate each and every moment as I know how truly blessed we are.

One of my siblings gave us an advent calendar filled with tea lights for each day. Another sibling’s present opened this morning was a serving tray which was absolutely perfect to display the candles for our Christmas dinner.  I hope your day was just as magically beautiful to you.  Sending you warm hugs from our house to yours! May love brighten your way.



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