Conversations with a Little Man – DoWoo #131/365

Neutral-signWas attempting to explain the word neutral to Gregory tonight. I asked him if he understood what war was. You mean the thing with the guns?  Yes. OK – so if one country chooses not to go to war and does not take sides, allowing the war to go on around them, they would consider themselves to be neutral. He clarified this by asking; You mean they did not choose the bad or the good side? I pondered this and figured this could be a good time to explain that war does not have to be about one being good and the other bad….so I responded: Well, it could be that neither side is good or bad – they just don’t see something the same way – they disagree. 

He was adamant that one side was bad and the other good and asked to explain his reasoning: He said the people on the one side think they are good and the people on the other side are bad. Then the people on the other side they think they are good and the people on the first side is bad.  So it can be both but not. 


I asked him whether he knew what this was called and he did not know.  It’s called Perspective!  

I truly love my having conversations with our little man. He does inspire so much reflection within me.  I recall when the 3 of us were in Kauai, Mark J commented that Walter and I lit up about different things: Walter about Costa Rica and me about our son Gregory. 

I understand Mark’s observation and I also observe we are interchangeable.  The same way Gregory has always mixed us up – calling one of us Daddy or Mommy – depending on what is going on….sometimes without any distinction between us until he occasionally realizes we are the other one. 

Feeling-Good-About-Yourself-Is-Essential-For-Success-And-HappinessEarlier this week Gregory was explaining a challenging thing which happened at school and how it upset him.  After getting the full story, I reminded him that only he can choose to feel bad or upset, no one else can do this to him.  He allows it to be this way.  It’s his choice.  To which he replied “That’s what Daddy said.”  

Turns out Walter and I are on the same page in yet another aspect. 

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