Choose Happy – DoWoo #152/365

Was speaking to a colleague today about our journey – in that we have less than 145 days until we are to be living in Costa Rica. She commented that we had “balls” to make such a change and so many people would like to do what we are doing but so few actually do.  

Why is that?

Why are people not following their bliss? Living their dreams? Taking giant risks which will allow for an equal or greater return? 


I’ve always thought it was because they just didn’t have the gumption or the financial wherewithal to do so. While this may be the case, I’ve learned something even more profound – and sad at the same time – many people do not have a dream to set their sites on.  

Interestingly in typing what I just did…I recalled our “Loud Smiles” main landing page…so I flipped over and read what I wrote over 8 years ago:

Our Parents taught us the basics of life and structure of family dynamics.
School taught us to learn, apply, memorize and reiterate to obtain graduating grades.
Higher Education expanded our knowledge, the goal to provide a “career”.
Work provided compensation for our time, in exchange for vacation and benefits.


Who taught us to dream?
spacerHow to envision what we really want out of life?
spacerTo question what we plan to offer life in return?
spacerHow to make our dreams a reality?
spacerHow to ensure our kids have the chance to dream?

lucidityThis was prior to The Master Key class which expanded my thinking.  Before I understood the true power of our mind.  Prior to recognizing my world without (my external reality) is a direct reflection of my world within (my internal reality). 

I originally wrote this landing page with the intent to inspire others to think outside of their ‘proverbial’ box, keep an open mind so they too could reach their dreams – ultimately leading them to our network marketing concept. Upon reflection this evening I realize I may have wrote this for a different vehicle – the Master Key Experience.   I just did not know it at the time but it is possible the Universe conspired to provide me an opportunity to experience what I needed in order to fulfill my words – providing me with the tools to understand so I could then reach out to others, allowing them to benefit from this knowledge. 

How far back do the connections and re-directions go which created what we now have in front of us – whatever we imagined fulfilled? Was it when I was 9 and wished upon the first star at night asking for happiness? Was it when I was 14 and started to consider what I wanted to do for a living…and all I could think of was that it did not matter,as long as I was happy? Today, I am of a similar bent, and it’s still all about being happy. 

I now know – all I have to do to be happy, is choose happy!

Imagine teaching our kids that lesson now?
First…we need to embrace it ourselves. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

6 thoughts on “Choose Happy – DoWoo #152/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Love your thinking Carolynn. Yesterday I listened to a talk and heard the words, when you step in the direction of your true self all the people and circumstances to enable you to fulfil it have already been lined up. You are on your way to Costa Rica, and the people whose lives you will touch when you are there are preparing (albeit without even knowing it consciously at the moment) for your arrival. Mind blowing. xxx


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