Suck it where? – DoWoo #162/365

Gregory received his report card today and while he does well academically, and he has some great friends, he can be overly sensitive. We’ve coached him in a variety of ways over the years trying to get him to recognize there is a time and place for being upset and when you tie that into the “boy who cried wolf” lesson, we had hoped by now he would have figured it out.  Not so much! 

images (19)When Gregory was little, and he did a “wah wah” about a small bump or someone not wanting to play with him, we gave him the “wah wah finger” which basically is your pointing finger making funny twisty, turny, pokey, bendy movements in their general direction while asking him if he needs to have the wah wah finger tickle him?   It always made him laugh, the moment of distress would be gone and he would completely move on within a few minutes.  

As Gregory has gotten older this tactic no longer seemed to work.  We tried a variety of different solutions but none have seemed to work.  I became a bit perplexed the other day and rather than try to sugar coat it or logi-size it, I decided to be blunt. The next time he did the “wah way” I told him he needed to “suck it up”.  I then had to explain what this meant. 

images (18)So when something is not going the way you expected, or people are not treating you the way you would treat them, or you fall down and bump something (but you aren’t bleeding), then you take a deep breath, realize that crying and feeling sad are not going to change anything, so get back in the game, you continue on, you find something else to do.  Adjust to the situation, treat the person well, pick yourself up – brush yourself off – and SUCK IT UP!! 

Gregory’s report card today included comments on these areas of “wah”, aspects we had discussed throughout the school year as they arose.  Turns out he had not done much with the coaching we’d provided thus far.  

His report card requests the Student expand on two sentences: 1) My best work is; and 2) My goal for improvement is:.  


Parenthood did not come with instructions. We do what we can based upon what we know. He’s a great kid with a kind heart and an abundance of the ability to adjust.  Gracias for allowing me to share! 


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