Disappearing Labels – DoWoo #175/365

images (1)48% – so close! so close!  I’m almost 1/2 way to reaching my goal. And since my lucky number is 8…well, then 4 is 1/2 of 8…did you follow all that?  Just doing my happy dance again!  

Met a new person today and sure enough he had just got back from – you guessed it – Costa Rica. By the time we are down there, we should have a good number of connections here and there. It’s a wonderful space to be in. 

I had a day filled with observing and participating in kind gestures. A lady in the aisle beside me chose to let the person behind her go in front.  I was buying de-icer salt at the hardware store and they only had one of the two 20kg bags I wanted to purchase – so they gave me two two 10kg bags for the same price as the 20kg bag.  I drove into 3 parking lots and each time I found a spot reasonably close to where I was going. I made Walter is coffee this morning and allowed him to sleep in.  I did the dishes before I made another mess cooking dinner. Walter finishes the floors. A scout dad drove Greg home from camp today. All in all a productive day filled with smiles and kindness. 

Imagine living each day like this…observing kindness and not having opinions about them? Now, that’s an interesting switch….observing something while not having an opinion…how does one recognize seeing kindness unless you’ve labeled it as kindness = but then, is that not an opinion unto itself?  

images (23)If I removed all opinions about an act which takes place between one person and another, then I would not have the ability to label it as anything…it would just be the act taking place. 

So if my objective here is to remove opinions and allow observations to rule, then all labels of actions would disappear – would they not? 

What do you think? 


2 thoughts on “Disappearing Labels – DoWoo #175/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    In my humble opinion ha ha and piecing together all the things I have learnt, being an oberserver allows us to collect information about things so we can choose and create the sort of life we want. We can pick out the things we like and leave out the things we don’t like objectively without passing judgement on any one else and create the life that feels good for us. Our Job is not to judge but merely to extract the information we want. If you go to a buffet you pick the food you like and leave the things you don’t without criticism of the chef for putting stuff on the table you don’t like to eat. We just accept that others do like it and are happy to be there. Your Spirit is just using your eyes to see and gather information so it can grow. Hope that makes some sense. Still getting my head around things myself. Xxx
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