Someone’s Eyes – DoWoo #178/365

frontexteriorview2_1200The first thing I notice as we pull up to the house is that it’s cute…and the front door is red. It looks like a bungalow. Ooh, I kind of like the hedge. I can imagine it green and straight cut. 

As we walk up the path, I’m looking at the massive picture window which is in the front room – it’s beautiful.

livingroomview1_1200The great room is the first thing we see as we walk into the foyer. It’s red with white trim. Not much furniture and only 1 couch…but boy, what a couch.  That’s huge. Our sectional would work nicely in here. Maybe the TV up there. Or, as I walk farther into the room, I turn around and can see it on that wall too.  We’ve got choices. Could not imagine painting a room red but I like this.  Its warm and yet modern. 

frontentranceview2_1200Walking out I notice the front closet – double louvered doors with a light inside. The floors are kind of a light moss green.

kitchenview1_1200Ooo – the kitchen is a really good size.  Wow a table and a hutch in this space? Good layout. Open. 2 decent sized windows. Again, lots of light.

Which way does this face? South east. So we’ll get morning light.  NICE! 

kitchenview2_1200Door to outside. Let’s see the rest of the house first. Stone wall. That’s kind of different. I run my hand over it. The texture is warm.

Bathroom. Check. Jacuzzi tub. Now THAT will be inviting after a long day. I can see candles up on the window ledge at night…the tub going.

bedroom2_1200This is a good size bedroom – enough for a chair.  You can see the back yard from here. There’s a shed. It’s fenced. Next bedroom…it’s a really good size for an office. 2 desks fit in here. 

masterbedroom_1200Master. Closet. Drapes and sheers. Pretty. Oh, there is a slide. And a swing with awning in the back yard. I wonder if they have pictures of the yard in the summer. Wow. There is a lot of room on either side of this bed! And that’s a queen.  That means a king size bed will fit in here! 

Linen closet. They must have cleaned this up…no one’s linen closet looks like this. Interesting door.  Basement door has glass panels. Pulling open. That means we can easily open it coming or going.

finishedbasementview2_1200This is bright! Hey, bar stools…and a bar. Is that paneling? Cool. Retro!  Fireplace. Obviously wood with that stack over there. This stone wall is huge. And the granite! It’s pretty thick. I can see myself chilling down here. 

The “for sale” sign went up on the house. The virtual tour photographer was here this morning. This whole thing became real. Maybe “more” real than it has been. When I started thinking about the house and how we are all concentrating our thoughts on someone loving this house enough to make it their home – this weekend – I started to imagine what they would say as they walk through the house.  I can feel their vision. I see it. 

I am confident someone is going to come through the door and feel the love and happiness we have infused into each corner of this brick house. Gregory explained he figures they have a son his age so when we leave, his best friend Anil will have a replacement friend at the same house. Love his imagination!  No limits. We look forward to coming home on Sunday.

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!
When you choose what you see – it becomes real. 

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