Embrace Change – DoWoo #180/365

Am in Niagara Falls this evening with Walter and Gregory.  All things do happen for a reason. 

Back in November I had offered to speak at a 2 day conference this weekend for Answers For Women – a local group of amazing women.  I did not book the room through the organizer as I was able to book it online for a larger room with a fireplace for less.  I did not know what I was planning to do with the king size bed but I was enthused by the fireplace it offered. 

We ended up not listing last weekend but this weekend.  We therefore all needed to be away from the house for the weekend. Voila! A king size bed suitable for a family of 3. 

I do love how the universe works.  

I must remember…When something does not go exactly as I ‘planned’ there is a higher power overseeing it all for me…rearranging the world to get me to where I need to be at any given moment.  

Embrace it.   

The group I’ve met thus far has been amazing.  Blessed people with vision and purpose, wanting to help others with desires and visions working to find their purpose. It’s been mini-mastermind sessions around every curve.  We are going to rock these sessions and help these women! a4w


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