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il_340x270.182345903This weekend I observed an amazing group of women who bonded, for what could be life long friendships, within only a short few days.  I wonder…would a small group of men have had the same results as we did?   My curiosity typically gets the best of me…I will look into further and see what I find.

We had a variety of speakers – energy healers, intuitives, motivational speakers, life coaches, digital and branding gurus (just to name a few).   There were 8 sessions per day for 2 full days.  Absolutely AMAZING!

Upon reflection this evening, what I found interesting were the 3 speakers who came in without having been there for the entire session…They appeared to have varying degrees of impact on the group. 

1 speaker came in moments before her presentation and left immediately afterwards.  While her presentation was good, and there was audience participation, the energy in the room needed to be shifted before we could continue with the next speaker – the intuitive.

Another speaker came in for a small part of the sessions, spoke, stayed for a bit afterwards and then left.  This appeared to be more readily appreciated.  She chatted with a few of the people in the room before and after her presentation.

The 3rd speaker, arrived just before her session but was able to have a few minutes to chat with people during the short break between presentations.  Her interaction was a bit different as she knew a number of the participants from other events or on a personal / business level.   At the commencement of her talk she explained her son was ill and she had stayed home to care for him – hence why she was unable to be her in person for the 2 days. She also added having watched remotely from home. This person then proceeded to weave a few points from some of the previous speakers into her presentation.

While this appeared to be the most readily accepted version of the 3 ladies I’m referencing, I cannot say whether the others participants had the same observations – these are strictly from my perspective.  I am commenting based upon the energy level and shifts I felt during and after each presentation.

be sociableMy takeaway?  If you wish to truly connect and impact your audience – as the Social Media Strategist, Stacy Maynard commented about her field of expertise – you must “be sociable“.  

The less social interaction with the group the less impact the speaker appeared to have had on the group.  

2 thoughts on “Be Sociable – DoWoo #182/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    This is so true! It begs the question…is this whole phenomenon social media or anti-social media. There more value in meeting face to face with others and sharing not just words but smiles, hearty handshakes and hugs. Stay truly sociable!


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