Incoming & Outgoing – DoWoo #186/365

I’ve been going to a particular hairdresser locally the last few times. However, even after I show her a picture and describe what I want, she does her own thing.  I’ve attempted to help by re-explaining – showing her where it is too “poofy” for my liking but I still end up with a style different than what I ask for.  This time I was determined to find an alternative hair dresser.

hairdresser-salons-65I went into a shop today and asked the only person working whether she could assist – I explained ‘point cut’ and ‘spiky’. She asked to see a picture so I showed her. She said she was unable to do this type of cut and suggested the owner who would be in tomorrow. I required a cut today and asked if anyone else would be able to assist.  She suggested another woman would be in within a 1/2 hour – maybe she could help. I agreed to come back.  

Sonal reviewed my requirements and agreed to assist.  We chatted about how long she has been a hairdresser – 3 years in Canada and 5 years back home in India.  I mentioned I was leaving Canada and she asked why. I explained that I wanted to embrace life and staying here with the cost of living required me to work for my life rather than enjoy my life. She agreed wholeheartedly.  

Upon further conversation she admitted to having come to Canada with the idea this was a place to prosper. They had left their own business back home in India and struggled here in Canada.  I asked her whether she would choose differently knowing what she knows now. She said yes; She would have stayed in India.  But they sold their business and have nothing in the bank. They worked for 5 years to pay to go home and visit last year – now there are no savings.  

I found this fascinating.  So many people immigrate to Canada from other countries.  I wonder how many feel similarly to Sonal.  We have another friend who has been here for 5 years and has just purchased a motel in the US and is moving there now. He admitted to having worked hard at multiple jobs since he arrived in Canada and even though he rented, he just could not get ahead financially. 

This makes me take pause and wonder what it is that puts us in this space. I’ve heard statistics quoting 95% of the population are in debt.  Why?  

POST_IT_Incoming_Outgoing_2_by_luthien27I have some ideas. However, I’ve chosen not to include them – they are all opinions. While I do not believe the grass is greener – I do believe there are other locations which offer a different type of lifestyle which is not available here.  Hence why I am embracing our decision to move to Costa Rica.  At the end of our conversation, Sonal paused, looking at me with a serious expression. She stated she believed we had made the right choice to move. An incoming and outgoing perspective.  

2 thoughts on “Incoming & Outgoing – DoWoo #186/365

  1. Clyde Railsback

    An interesting story. I am aware of a quite a few people from the U. S. going to Costa Rica.

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Gracias Clyde. It is an interesting phenomenon about the law of attraction and what you think about grows – we are running into people who know people who know people and they always have someone from/to Costa Rica! Interested in joining us??


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