SOLD! – DoWoo #193/365

Yes! Yes! Yes! We. Are. SOLD. OMG that felt good to type.  One 1/2 of the partnership team we worked with came by this evening with the final paperwork for us to sign off on. What a roller coaster we have been on!

I asked myself this evening…what did I observe about this process of being the seller of a house? With 14 days = only 2 weeks = we are done.  It actually took us longer to prep the house for listing than it did to market, attract, contract, negotiate, agree, sell. #MACNAS

Now that is funny – where does this stuff come from?

CaptureOK – so back to what did I observe?  I realized: A little bit of knowledge is most definitely a dangerous space to be in.

I’ve been working in relocation for 25 years.  What I have learned is based upon other people’s expertise – shared, applied and either embraced or discarded as I felt applicable in whatever role I was working in.  After taking a big breath this evening – a sigh to realign my psyche after we stood back and looked at the “SOLD” sing in the snow – I realize that all of this “experience” was not true. Experiencing real estate in either portions of the whole, or through someone else’s direct participation does not fully qualify as ‘experience’ which would assist me with what we just went through.

WOW! Did you follow all that?

20150312_220720In short – I realized that what I knew meant absolutely nothing at the end of the day.  I don’t eat, sleep, breathe actual real estate.  I have ate, slept and breathed relocation.  And even though my specialty was in the real estate department, and I got my license at one point, I am not on the ground.

I have learned a lot about this industry and have more respect for what my mother did for over 30 years! AND she did that while she was raising me!

So, in closing…I give a huge shout out to our agents who brought us back to the basics, provided detailed assistance, gave me what I needed whether I wanted it or not, and ultimately delivered on what they promised us they would do.

Say it with me….Thank God We Are Done!

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