My Sponge – DoWoo #197/365

spongeAfter dinner we decided to watch an episode of “Brain Games”. The episode was about the “Power of Persuasion.”  It was fascinating to watch Gregory learning and grasping theories. Who ever coined the phrase about children being sponges…so very true!

It was fascinating. Showing us how recognition of what we consider to be “trustable” facial features will influence who we choose to vote for.  How altering a visual slightly and suggesting what we are to see each time, can lead us where the director wants us to go.  

We stopped it. Replayed it. Paused it. Discussed it. My most enjoyable moment was when Gregory explained his rationale for why he chose who he chose. Allow me to explain. 

gameDuring the episode they show you examples of what they are talking about, allowing you to play the game along with the team on the show.  This particular example included four interviewers, each tasked with interviewing two candidates using the same questions.  The 2 candidates just happened to be identical twins. The difference in the interview were the 2 ladies used a different order of the same words.  Each described herself using 4 positive traits and 4 less than desirable traits.  

We were asked to choose which candidate we would hire – which one presented herself better. Interestingly enough all 4 interviewers chose the candidate who listed off the 4 positive traits first even though she included the same 4 less desirable traits afterwards. 

Gregory piped up and said he picked the candidate who had chosen to state her less desirable traits first.  He reasoned that most people don’t like to point out what they are not good at, so they would typically hide them or leave them to the end. However, someone who puts them out first is not afraid. 


While I’m not sure how much he understands about “hiring” and “interviewing”, as in anything he reviews…it is from his perspective with what skills and knowledge he has at his disposal. First –  I rejoiced in his ability to choose and then share his rationale. More important though I loved that he wanted to work with someone who was not afraid to admit their foibles – did not hide them to last like everyone else.  I wonder what life lesson this may lead to. 

I-am-grateful-for3I am grateful every day for who I am becoming. I am grateful every day for my husband and our son.  I am grateful every day for the people in my life who make this such a glorious ride. I am most grateful to the Master Key Experience for leading me on this path of discovery.

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