Name of the Game – DoWoo #223/365

Attended a hockey game this evening.  A friend of ours, who supports the local team, was going to shave his hair for cancer during the intermission.  While I’m not a huge hockey fan, I find most sports more enjoyable in person.  To support a good cause…well, that was a major bonus!

peter puckWe had Gregory’s best friend with us.  He has never been to a live hockey game and does not know much about how it works.  I started to explain “off side” as this rule and the icing rule are really all I remember from “Peter Puck” lessons when I was their age.  Walter said he found it amusing that I was the one explaining the rules.  

After noticing team members flipping the hockey puck in the air quite a bit, I asked Walter why were they flipping it up in the air – “It’s called ice hockey, not air hockey.”  He laughed around the soft pretzel he was eating. 

Turns out they do this all the time. I just had not noticed it. However, he did find my observation funny and reminded me that football was mostly about throwing, catching and running with a ball – whereas soccer, called football in other countries, is mostly about the ball and the foot.

ballsIt got me to thinking: Baseball is about balls and bats but it does involved the players running around bases.  Basketball is about getting the ball into the basket.  However, golf and lacrosse – does the name reflect anything directly related to the sport?

Not sure how hockey got it’s name…but maybe the ‘puck’ and ‘net’ could have somehow made it into the description.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Name of the Game – DoWoo #223/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Thought I would do a little googling ha ha!! Thanks for the inspired history lesson 🙂
    ‘golf’ seems to come from the Latin word for ‘club’
    ‘hockey’ comes from the French word for ‘Shepherd’s Crook’
    ‘lacrosse’ seems to have a couple of name theories but the one I found most was it came from French Missionaries saw Native American Indians playing the game and they thought the stick resembled a bishop’s cross.
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