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20150413_162130My mom was recently cremated and her urn has been at our place for the last month.  Today one of my sisters picked up the urn to have at her place for the balance of the time until ‘mom’ is interred.

While I know the ashes are not the essence of who my mom was, representation of the ashes in an urn are a reminder to me of her connection to this plane of existence – where the rest of us remain. While each of us morn differently, I have chosen to embrace the philosophy that once our energy is no longer attached to our earthly bodies, we remain as energy. I embrace how our son chose to describe it – that our loved ones are not lost to us, they are still here – just everywhere.

So while I experienced a moment of sadness that mom was leaving us, I wonder whether that is even the case?

Walter and I were talking the other day about what “home” is.  And he commented it is where we hang our hat.  It is not the ‘stuff’ which which makes a space home. So it does not matter that we will no longer have all this ‘stuff’ we’ve collected over our life with us in Costa Rica – as long as we are together, in health and happiness – we are home.

I wonder whether this is similar to death in that we still have mom here with us, in our hearts, and therefore she is at home with us. We do not need her body to have her with us.

images (1)I also believe…since I started out as a microscopic piece of her, and so having been created by her, of her, she remains within me always. Maybe that is why I feel I am being reminded of her love and support. The only thing I cannot do is physcially touch her – but when I close my eyes, I can see her smile.

However, now I’m wondering…since I am energy, and my body will also cease to exist at some point, and she is energy whose body already ceased to exist…if I am able to still connect with her now, why would I not continue to connect even once both our bodies no longer breathe?  And if that is the case, we are always and forever together.

Hmm…Another interesting avenue to ponder further.
Please weigh in.  I’m truly interested.

2 thoughts on “Connectivity in Energy? – DoWoo #225/365

  1. Cori

    Very poignant …. I choose to believe as well. I see my grandfather in my son, I see my grsndmother in my daughter. Our loved ones live on in mysterious ways – that voice in the back of your mind … That intuition that guides you from one thing and to another – sometimes I believe it is our loved ones that have passed on nudging us, looking out for us …. Embrace that they do continue on in our lives but simply in a different way. 🙂

  2. Carol Marsocci

    Carolynn-, I love your thoughts and Cori’s as I also choose and feel the presence of my Mom with me every day. I was with her when she passed as her CNA had just left and was walking to her car. I started walking away from my Mom to get Donna (her CNA). I honestly had a pull that brought me right back to my Mom and I know she just wanted to be with me and her other loved ones as her spirit was leaving her body. I am sending you heartfelt hugs as I know even though you are strong, it’s very challenging in so many ways through especially the first year. I am here for you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and Walter as well. Hugs coming your way, Carol


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