Visually Productive – DoWoo #265/365

one_biteWoke up at about 4:30 this morning envisioning all we had on our plate today.  One of the things which has kept me reasonably sane through everything we’ve done these past few months is to remind myself “eating an elephant is just one bite at a time”.  

Yesterday, today seemed daunting.

Today however, started with me laying in bed, mapping it out in my mind, stacking things which were ready to be moved into one area – leaving only what still required sorting into what would visually appear as a smaller more manageable pile.  Yesterday we had gone to the storage unit, and while I knew it was 5x5x8, seeing it allowed me to visualize it spatially.   Once I moved all the stuff not required in the front room, I was able to set aside a space which I marked off with green masking tape as a 5×5 space.  This way I could start stacking into this space and visually know how things are coming along.   When Walter saw what I had done he smiled and said “I love you!” 

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a visual person.  I love the kind of math where you can visually draw what you are trying to solve. I love a good book where I can see the movie.  I love being able to shop for items which I can see all together in one room before they are placed there.  Auditory works only when I can take what I hear and somehow translate that onto paper for review.  Love spreadsheets – especially the colour coded ones.  


Green tape bottom left corner

So once I had that tape on the floor, representing a space I had stood in, I was able to stack and emotionally feel like we were getting somewhere.  AND we are!   We have more than 1/2 of what we are storing sorted, packed and stacked.  We have a pile for donation and another for garbage.  AND we have another section, much smaller than it was yesterday, which includes only what still needs to be sorted.  

Walter worked outside preparing the yard and cleaning up. Gregory helped by being “Vac-Man” – vacuuming the entire crawl space and the rest of the house.  THEN to make it even more special we had the buyers over for our last “pizza night”, creating a special soon-to-be-your-home moment while sitting around the fire in the yard and chatting, with the final finishing touch being Walter, Gregory and I having a cuddle on the laydown swing once our visitors had left.  

A wonderful, productive, enjoyable, visual, sociable day.  The last moment however, priceless.

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  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Eating elephants is a crime against nature. They are highly evolved beings. Shocking, Carolynn, that you have been energetically engaged in packadermia ingestion.

    So delighted at your progress and excited at the adventure ahead!
    Cassandra O’Neal recently posted…PricelessMy Profile


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