A Full Day of DoWoo – DoWoo #27/365

Greg has read of number of my DoWoos and has even been featured in a few.  Today we went on an adventure to another part of town to have a professional photographer do a photo shoot of our family.  On our drive home he kept saying that everything was a great DoWoo – and we were having a fantastic DoWoo day. He asked whether this was a good DoWoo or whether that was a good DoWoo.  What would “we” write about.  

I love that he has embraced my journey as a family affair.  

I write this at the end of our full day of DoWoos.  We picked up his friend on the way home and they are ensconced in the tent in the back yard – with mattresses and sleeping bags – 2 flashlights and their favourite books – the fire is crackling slowly burning to coals suitable for s’mores.  What a way to round off this day of enjoying every moment without opinion.  We are blessed beyond what I could have imagined.  


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