FUN – DoWoo #342/365

Carolynn & Greg Hot SpringsDecided to go to the hot springs today as a surprise for Greg.  We had breakfast in La Fortuna and then went back to Los Logos. They allow you to go in for the day and use the facilities. There are numerous warm (just off of hot) pools with a few slightly cooler and then two regular (cool) pools. Slides are fast – with warm (or cool) water rushing you down on smoothed hard surfaces – not plastic.  

The place was filled with mostly Spanish speaking families there for the day – with only a smattering of tourists.  There was a group of adults playing with a volley ball in the one pool. Greg confirmed with us how to ask to play with them – and within minutes he’s in there with a group of Spanish speaking people who were kind enough to allow him to join their group. Walter and I are so proud of our little man. Not only is his Spanish increasing in leaps and bounds – he puts himself out there even though there is the language difference.  

At one point I left my men to cool off over in the regular pool. After floating around I was getting out when a group of Spanish women started chatting with me. I explained my Spanish was “poquito”.  We managed to work together with one of the younger woman speaking English and translating – helping me to say what I wanted to say.  Turns out the mother, who had spoken to me initially, wanted to know if I was married (yes) – then where was my husband.  After a back and forth conversation this woman told me she thought I was beautiful.  Wow!  What a wonderful interaction.  Walter figures she was trying to set me up – that is until she found out I was already married.  LOL

We then had lunch back at La Fortuna.  What we have now agreed is we will always look at the menu before seating ourselves.  Some restaurants are quite a bit more than others – and really the quality of food is not necessarily any better.   Live and learn. 

We wrapped up our excursion by exploring the wildlife area of Los Logos.  They had a butterfly greenhouse, a frog habitat, an elaborate leaf cutter ant exhibit including the nest and a glass tunnel to view and lastly a few alligators.   The Arenal Volcano was still shrouded in clouds. Something to look forward to for another excursion. 

Gregory ended the day with another resounding “awesome!” and Walter and I agreed it was a great day.  Below are a few of the photos we took today.  Thank you for following me.  

Hope you are enjoying our share. 

butterfly 3 frog geko aligator flower 3 panoramic lake arenal

tree on side of road with roots flower 2 butterfly flowers


3 thoughts on “FUN – DoWoo #342/365

  1. Dan & Jeanna Swiatkowski

    What a wonderful emursion experience. You are both creating a life for Greg that those can only dream of. Keep Shining!


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