Better? – DoWoo #377/365

A day filled with being grateful and fun interactions / observations.  

Our hostess showed us around her space, the indoor pool cleaned using microbes, the sauna, the hot tub, yoga house (down by the river), the spring fed pond….so much going on, an amazing space I look forward to hearing more about.  We then drove back into our old digs and Greg spent the afternoon with his best friend and Walter and I visited my sister.  

We went shopping for groceries and a few essentials.  When we are in Costa Rica we convert everything to Canadian $ – using approximately 2.5x less 000 to make the estimated $ value. Today while I was shopping, I was converting everything to Costa Rican colones!  Dividing by 2.5 to get an estimate in my mind for comparison.  

We wrapped up the day by going to Swiss Chalet. For those of you non-Canadians – this is a chicken and rib restaurant which is known for his rotisserie preparation of the chicken AND the sauce they give you to dip everything in.  Our waitress looked a bit frazzled by the time she got to us – Yvonne. When I lightened the mood for her, she admitted to today being her 4th day on the job and still getting the hang of things.  Having recently tried this just for an evening…I totally got where she was coming from. 

When she returned with our drink orders she asked what nationality we were (Gregory had ordered asking for water in Spanish). We explained we were residing in Costa Rica but were back in Canada for a few things.  She commented we should check out Ecuador – she is originally from there.  I asked her how she ended up in Canada.  She said her parents came to Canada for a better life.   As she walked away carrying the dishes and cleared items from the table behind us, she looked back at us and said “Not sure how THIS is better.” 

Turns out Yvonne has a regular job, is going to school to eventually work for the police and this is her part time job.  A dedicated young girl who takes her service seriously.  We shared a few stories, tipped her well and wished her an abundance of success for her chosen journey.  A nice add to our day. 

I observed a variety of things: more traffic lights in a 1 hour drive than I’ve seen in 3 months in Costa Rica; stopping to feel the act of feeling comfortable in walking across the grass without having to shine a light and look out for snakes; coffee here has less flavour that Costa Rican coffee (I think that borders on an opinion…but it’s true!); all the roads we travelled on were paved; the curves on the back roads are more gentle and take a long time to come around; skunks spray is definitely not something I missed; most people appear to be in a hurry; there are soooo many options for whatever it is you are looking for. 

Going to Costa Rica resulted in quite a number of interesting observations. Coming back to Canada has resulted in as many or more!  Having a blast reconnecting and getting our bearings. 

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