Shifting Importance – DoWoo #387/365

Started packing today.  Considering I packed the morning we left Costa Rica – I’m impressed I started 3 days earlier than our departure to return.  So far we have 2 bins to return to storage, a box for donation and 2 large suitcases (both just under 50 lbs) packed and ready to go.  

It’s been an interesting experience to revisit the things you like. Some things no longer hold the same appeal. I originally anticipated bring more clothing back and realized, when I looked at what I had already taken down to Costa Rica, I did not need much more. Just over 3 months ago I was a woman with bins of off season items, 3 clothing racks in the crawl space, 2 dressers and a closet full of clothes. I now have 1 drawer and a small section of the closet – and I’m good. 

shiftIn reviewing the additional items we’ve packed most are specific necessity items we use which we could not get in Costa Rica.  The rest include books for Greg, a few craft/art items for me, and our favourite frying pans. I never expected to miss a frying pan – but I do.  I’m so excited to use it tomorrow morning to cook breakfast before I pack it away to bring back home. 

I observe myself shifting what is important within my mind, my life. What takes precedence over something else has altered significantly.  I am grateful for the journey we are on as it has allowed me to embrace life itself.  

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