Double Header – DoWoo #391A/365

in the mirrorMy son helped turn the mirror on me this evening.

Late this afternoon I asked Gregory to help us by washing up the dishes before I made the pizza as it would give me room to work. It took him forever. He was working with cold water after I had already asked him to work with warm water. I got frustrated. I was sharp with him.

Later I sat down and asked whether he knew I did not like being sharp with him. He agreed he does not like it either. Then he said “It’s like if we were reversed, and you and daddy were the kids and I was the father and if I yelled at you I would not feel very good.”  We agreed we would both do what we need to do to avoid these situations.

In looking back over more recent event, I find I tend to put pressure on Gregory. I forget sometimes he is 10 and I should be allowing him to be 10. We all grow up eventually and we are adults for a very, very, very long time – you only get to be a kid for a short time!

I recognize that a moment in anger, frustration, or annoyance is a moment which has been wasted – you can never get that moment back.  And how can you feel anything other than negative with all of these emotions? So not only have you wasted it, it has been wasted in a way which breeds further negative emotion. 

Another part of my DMP – I remain calm and ensure each moment is filled with positive emotions and thoughts, resulting in positive actions and results. 

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