Was the world always round? – DoWoo #51/365

Was given a gift today. It was an amazing gift. So unexpected.  We were given an opportunity to share a few stories this evening. To allow these stories to guide someone. To encourage them to see where they were and what a phenomenally wonderful space they were in. AND most importantly to see that where they were heading was right there in front of them.  Exactly where they want to be. It’s there in front of them. 

Being given the blessing of listening to someone else’s dream is HUGE.  Having any impact on someone else’s dream is HUGER. Is there such a word? Probably not. 

But THAT’s the POINT. It’s about words. It’s about choosing which thoughts go through your mind. It’s about choosing what thoughts come out of your mouth as words.  Its’ about how you express your thoughts and what feelings are shared.  It’s about saying what you mean and…you guessed it…meaning what you say. 

the earthWOW!  I received guidance.  I am now sharing guidance. This person receives guidance. They in turn will share guidance.  This is the law of giving and receiving. We do not keep it to ourselves. We share what we learn in order to solidify what we have learned so someone else may share what they learn.  I love how the world goes around. It’s like a great big ball isn’t it? 

I wonder….if we create our reality…and words and thoughts can alter our reality….before people realized the world was round….was it? 


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