Maps versus GPS – DoWoo #53/365

GPS-find-your-business-imageYesterday I was the navigator using the GPS from the airport to our rental house.  Today I chose to do the driving with yesterday’s driver being today’s navigator.   

On the way back to Anaheim this evening I was unable to position myself easily, where I was in relation to where I was departing from and where I was going to.  Many people I know use GPS. Why does it not seem to solidify as well as a map within my brain?

I do not own a GPS and have only used one once prior to this weekend.  I have always used maps. When I review a map, I can see where I am in relation to where I am going.  I pay attention to the streets I am going past and if I get off kilter I review the map I referenced earlier (in my memory) and am able to shift myself getting back on track to my destination.  

mapsMaps give you the entire overview before you leave. GPS are typically set up to inform you of each step as you go.  I’ve been told they can give you the overview – I’ve just never seen anyone use it that way.  

Upon reflection – I liken this to how one chooses to deal with their dreams.  If you have a plan (a map) you now have a clear understanding of where you are in relation to where you are going. Then if you get off track, you reference your final destination within your memory and shift yourself until you are back on track with your destination in front of you.  OR you can just live each day following the immediate instructions being given with a ‘recalculation’ each time you take a wrong turn.  

For me I’m going to stick with map.  I prefer making the recalculations myself.  You? Is your preference:

A) MAP                  or                   B) GPS

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