Who’s teaching Whom? – DoWoo #78/365

I love how every day either I am able to personally observe something which resonates or if I don’t, one of my men do!  Greg talks about “dowoo-ing” regularly.  Walter is a close second. 

This evening I was just about to get on the Master Key Digital Connections call when Walter bounces into the office – literally vibrating with excitement about something. He then shares the following story. 

6e11d5fe9e6a318258292da907963c3914e40f6cHe and Greg were finishing up their dinner while I was getting ready for the call. Greg asked Walter to play Mario Kart. Walter explained that he needed to wrap everything up in the kitchen and then get on the call and…  He then looked at Gregory and said “No. We are going to go play Mario Kart.” 

Greg's PhrasesGregory put his fork down on the table, looked straight at his father and solemnly counseled. “Don’t waste your time making your life better: Use what you’ve got already.”  Walter quickly wrote it down to ensure he could share with me. 

Upon reflection he turned to Gregory and said “This is the Law of Gratitude. Do you know what it means to be grateful?” No.  So Walter went on to explain that it means to be thankful for what you have. Gregory proceeded to discuss and give personal examples of his understanding of the discussion (something we encourage him to do which has now become second nature). One example was that he does not think about having Wii-U – he has a Wii-Mini and he is grateful he has this. 

20141117_190605Gregory explained he had the definition in one of his books.  He ran upstairs and grabbed one of his Geronimo Stilton books “The Volcano of Fire” (These are just about all he reads right now and will rake leaves for hours to earn $ to purchase them.)  He flipped to page 81 where he shows his father the definition of Gratitude.  

Both are phenomenal aspects of gratitude to incorporate into one’s life.  I am personally grateful our son appreciates what he has, is able to clearly articulate this aspect of his understanding and belief system and has the ability to associate what he reads to how we are living our life with him.  

thank youWhat a beautiful way to wrap up my day.
I am grateful you stopped by and allowed me to share.  

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