Effort In = Results Out – DoWoo # 83/365

Was speaking with a young lady today about our network marketing business. While I did my best not to have an opinion I did stray to what Walter assured me was coaching.  Whew.    

codependence 5We were speaking about people requiring too much of us – in that we coach and give and be-there for them when they start out on our team. But then some of these people become either dependent on us or demanding of us. When this has happened to me, I’ve gotten frustrated and have had to walk away from the situation in order to remain in any semblance of a positive productive space.  However, I’ve ended up leaving a partner without my support and feel less than stellar for having done so.  This is not who I wish to ‘be’.  

quote-if-you-put-in-time-effort-you-will-see-the-results-474x550Now – Imagine sitting down with your new partner, before they sign, with an outline of the recommended steps (whatever your business system is) to maximize the results of their new business. Operative word here is their business!  And we explain that the amount of effort they put in will typically result in a similar amount of return financially.  So even if someone has already coached their new recruit through the “Ink is Still Drying” skills from Mark J, having a list of the steps it is recommend for them to take to maximize their particular compensation allows you the opportunity to discuss and fully understand what your new person is willing to do. Setting expectations for both you and them. 

The benefits of network marketing (as compared to the corporate world) is an individual’s personal efforts (as long as they are productive efforts) typically yields reciprocal results as long as they stay the course and follow whatever system is in place.  However, if there are 10 items on the list and your new partner is only willing to do 2 out of 10, then they should be coached that their potential results may be a similar % of the potential income available and/or take much longer to reach certain financial positions.  

c790dcb90d3bc6e6_148350975.previewAn aside: Many may consider network marketing it is ultimately about leverage but unless you can reach a level yourself – how can you teach others to reach a similar level? To teach others to reach higher levels? To have a team who will build teams without you? We have to start somewhere! Why not set all the expectations up front.  We can control only what we do. We cannot control what they do.   They need to understand this as much as we do.  

This got me to thinking about the Master Key Experience:  Mark comments this is not a buffet where you can pick and choose what you are wiling to do.  If there are 10 things requested of you in the class – be it honour or tangible requirements – and you choose only to do a few…well then the results you can expect are either going to be less than full or take a much longer time to see.  

Effort In has a direct correlation to the Results Out

bc416f71add7798a963af454273179f1Is this not the same law which comes into play with what we feed our body? What we put into our mind? How we treat others? How we deal with life on a daily or moment by moment basis? 

So if we want our full blown future realty – everything we imagine our life to be – our hopes our dream – we need to give it our all.  As Mark says – we all quit.  Either we quit doing it all together or we quit doing it less than 100%.  

Which one are you? 

4 thoughts on “Effort In = Results Out – DoWoo # 83/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    You are either “For” yourself or “Against ” yourself! That Old Blue Print seduces folks into believing they are “For” their highest and best when, in truth, more cement is being slathered all over their potential, their magnificence.
    Great post!

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      If we could only walk around with a large enough hammer to break off the cement of those whom we meet along our journey, as well as to keep us honest with ourselves in case any gets sprayed onto us along the way…what a load of cement we would leave in our wake!

  2. Walter Sokil

    We have learned many key lessons; two that stand out are ” Run with the runners walk with the walkers and quit with the quitters.” and “we should care but not too much”. Everyone has their own goals. If we impose our standards on others we set ourselves up for frustration and disappointment. We must respect others’ dreams and mostly respect our own. You coached her well!


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