Multi-Squirreling – DoWoo #88/365

Woo Hoo DoWoo – my favourite #!  I remember seeing a cartoon on the television when I was little all about the #8.  It is my first recollection of choosing a favourite # and why.

It’s an interesting exercise in memory.  I sat here and tried to think how to search for this and what came to mind was “Conjunction Junction…what’s your function…hooking up words and phrases and clauses.”  From this I was able to find out that this series was called “Schoolhouse Rock” which allowed me to search for Schoolhouse Rock 8 and find…you guessed it!  This is what started it all!  (including my vehicle license plate 888 YOJ – joy spelled backwards!)

Carolynn Sokil 2So what does this have to do with multi-squirreling? Absolutely nothing other than being distracted in multiple ways in multiple directions was what I chose to write about and then THIS is where it all ended up. SQUIRRELED….to infinity and beyond!!

What’s your favourite # and why?

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