I.O.U. – DoWoo #6/365

Had lunch with a friend while her car was at the mechanics being checked out.  When I returned, I parked and was walking towards the shop when I spotted a Kirby vacuum cleaner in the window. It was sparkly clean with ALL the attachments in their spots along the top ring.  I was compelled to walk in.

images (99)Vacuums and parts everywhere! A wall of accessories and vacuum bags! Hey, I need vacuum bags!  My vacuum is a Tri-Star model, purchased in 1991 (purchased from a dear friend who was selling door to door), and not everyone carries the replacement bags.  Who would have thunk?  The Universe was certainly taking care of me today!

I chatted briefly with the owner and he pulled off the correct bags and handed them to me.  I walked to the counter and opened my purse, asking “You take debit?” He said “No.” I closed my wallet and said that I would need to come back . He asked me how much cash I did have?  I explained I had none (had just paid the cleaning lady the day before with all my cash – LOL).   He paused and then said “You can take them home and pay me later.”

unnamedHe then passed me a square piece of white paper – the size of a sticky note but not sticky – and said, “Just write me an I.O.U. for the bags.” As I wrote out the I.O.U with my name, my number and what I was taking home he said “Some people don’t come back but I know you will.”  I do not recall the last time I wrote an I.O.U. but it felt good to have that connection with a fellow human being I just met.  

What a kind and honest man. Blessings come to us…sometimes when we least expect them.  

I wonder…How did the Universe see me today?  I wonder if I got to be someone’s blessing? 

do wooI looking forward to being observant tomorrow! 

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6 thoughts on “I.O.U. – DoWoo #6/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    In life/business the speed of trust is critical. Your honesty of character and his trust in that created a transaction! You both ROCK!


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