OoWoo #405 – “They” Say A Lot of Things

PonderingsFor years I’ve heard this innocuous word “they” – which when used in this phrase appears to represent the “Royal We” of whomever is noted as having the ultimate advice on any given subject at any given moment.  What I have observed, mostly through personal trail and error, is “they” are not necessarily the be-and-end-all source of advice.

We read books; we are guided by our parents; we go to seminars hosted by ‘gurus’; we are taught by a multitude of learned adults during school; we are preached to by our religious leaders; we interact with our peers and then we hear what “they” have to say.  So many entities giving ‘advice’. 

How do we decipher what is real versus imagined; fact versus fiction; opinion versus observation?

THEN once we view this information, through the myriad of coloured glasses we wear, each one of us may end up deciphering the same data with different results.  Perspective.

I’m someone who has always enjoyed math.  Other than in George Orwell’s 1984, 2+2 always equals 4.  The square root of 64 always equals 8. In a right angle triangle, the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.   It’s irrefutable.

I like definitives. I’m someone who strives to live within observation and avoid opinions (please note the operative word here is “strives” – I continue to work on this).  I like logic, order and reason.

So how then do I make sense of the rest?

One option is to ask myself whether the information resonates within.  

I typically link resonance to being aligned with my truth. But truth can be subjective – based upon one person’s perspective – in this case…mine. And thinking something is true implies the absence of falsehood – which may not actually be the case.  

So back to resonance. 

If something resonates should it not feel good?  But then whether something feels good can also be considered subjective can it not? A massage feels good to me. So too does the warm wind on a beach. However, I know others for whom these things do not feel good.  


Now, I’m going in circles and am still asking how do I make sense of it all??

Further pondering ensues…..

2 thoughts on “OoWoo #405 – “They” Say A Lot of Things

  1. Shelby

    Nice post! The pondering does ensue because everyone has a different perspective of things. That’s why being the observer is so cool. We get to see the how others relate to things and we never get bored because we constantly have something to think about 😉
    Shelby recently posted…Learn How To Live A Gifted LifeMy Profile


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