Which Way To Corn – DoWoo #381/365

Was really excited for dinner tonight! Premium steak and fresh peaches and cream corn.  3 things we’ve missed. No…I did not make an error on counting. The 3rd aspect was the barbeque to cook the steaks! mmm – fantastic!


OK – So we’re sitting there and everyone is enjoying their corn when I look over at Walter and notice he is eating his corn in a different way than I am.  Not that anyone ever told me there was a “way” to eat corn.  It was just interesting. Have you ever noticed this?  Which way do YOU eat your corn?  Maybe there are other ways I have not thought of. 

Walter chooses to eat in rows.  Taking a full set of rows across, then moving to the next row and eating from left to right.  


Myself, I eat in circles, left to right.  Eating all the way around the left end. Then moving inwards and proceeding to each all the way around again. 


Do you think there is a personality correlation as to one or the other?

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