HUGE Red Button – DoWoo #95/365

I’ve decided there is no such thing as 1 step forward and 2 steps back. As per my previous blog about climbing the stairs – I am always moving towards my target – just not always as fast as I wish to. And sometimes we may find ourselves pausing a little too long on a particular stair. Today was certainly one of those days.

My mother-in-law is not doing well. We buried Bruce this morning.  My aunt decided to call today and managed to push a whole bunch of buttons resulting with me in tears by the end of the conversation.   Reminds me of the phrase about families and buttons…you know the one. And when I was looking it up to confirm the correct verbiage I found this video clip.

So appropriate for the holidays and all that we are learning within the Master Key. While I did not succeed (today) to fully recognize and embrace the lesson I was to learn during the conversation with my aunt – as the lesson was unfolding for me – I did manage to restrain myself from hanging up the phone without signing off properly (the buttons being pushed were pretty big ones!) AND I did recognize that this is not who I am…who I am meant to be.  

In the words of Walter and Gregory: Today ends at midnight! & Tomorrow is the best day ever!! Onward and upwards! Love and blessings to you all during this holiday season.  What a great time to reflect and readjust.  

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3 thoughts on “HUGE Red Button – DoWoo #95/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    You, Carolynn, ARE Whole, PERFECT, Strong, Powerful, LOVING, Harmonious, and Happy!
    You, Carolynn, have the Courage to APPLY the Knowledge. How Perfect it is that the Red Button Bitch (evil twin of the equally evil Red Pencil Bitch) showed up in your life during Week 10 of the Master Keys.
    Thank you for inspiring me to continually move forward in Love and Harmony.

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