Going With The Flow – DoWoo#104/365

downloadI’ve been waiting for this day for some time now – earlier this year when I figured it out – and then a few days ago when I mentioned to Walter it was on its way.  Today is December 13, 2014 – or 12.13.14. 

In keeping with its speciality – I started and ended today day with my son – thoroughly enjoying his exuberance and enthusiasm for life.  It was a day filled with kindness and wonderful people.  AND I was able to use 3 of my “happy” stickers. 

20141213_101001This morning Gregory was out playing with the dog in the yard. He came to the back door to ask me if I had any snow pants. I got my (newly purchased – specifically for this purpose) snow pants on and went outside. He had built a snow man for which I took a picture to remember the moment by, participated in a snow ball fight, rolled in the snow enjoying the crispness without bitter cold and spent time swinging on the lounge swing – all while Christmas carols played through the window from the office speakers. It was glorious. 

416nhr-S6pL._SX300_This evening Gregory explained something from his perspective. Earlier this week we came across a light we had used in his room a few years back.  It has a bundle of fiber optic straws which fan out in to a mushroom shaped and while on turns a number of different colours – fading in and out between each. We were sitting in his chair for our evening cuddle and he turned to me to explain about the light. He stated thelight is brighter when the rotation is turned off.  “It’s like a current” he said.  “There are 2 doors and when 1 door is open all the power from the batteries go to the light but then when you open the other door, both doors are now open, and the power has to go to 2 separate spots – so less gets to the light part.”   Interesting how he took an explanation of how a light switch turns on and off across a room from the light – and deduced the rest.

It’s like our ability to manifest what we think about.  If we only open 1 door (let’s say the positive side) then all our energy flow will go towards that aspect of what light we wish to shine (I’m having fun with the analogy here).  So our positive side will shine brightly! 

However, if we open both doors (positive and negative) then our energy flow towards both – giving power to the negative and diming the positive light.

Fork in the river

The power of electricity and the power of our mind are both referenced within Haanel’s Master Key.  Both are immutable and neither are truly understood as to where they come from. However, when attached to a mechanism they do amazing things.  Now that we know it is just a matter of 2 doors…and it’s totally our choice to open one (either) or both…which way will your day flow?  

I certainly enjoyed the positive current today.  It was pure utter joy! 

4 thoughts on “Going With The Flow – DoWoo#104/365

  1. lydia johnson

    From electricity to doors to currents in the rivers…all so true and all making your post another wonderful read!


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