Sane for the Day! – DoWoo #244/365

We had our garage sale today….and it was a success!  Had so many people at one point, I felt like I was being pulled in a variety of directions. Our friends who came to help did an amazing job of keeping me sane for the day.  Gracias! 

I was surprised that someone commented they had witnessed another person taking off without paying for something.  While a part of me is not impressed with this type of behaviour, another part of me tells myself…maybe they truly needed it!   The last thought ended on the possibility of karma being their due. 

karma2 karmaThis is when Gregory piped up and asked what Karma is.  I reminded him about Walter having explained that all things have a good and a not so good side. Well, people wake up every day and they have a glass.  If they put good stuff in their glass, what are they able to do? Pour good stuff out to everyone else.  However, if they put the not-so-good stuff in their glass, what are THEY able to do? Pour not-so-good stuff out. What you put in is what you can share. So…Karma is like this.  If you do good, you will see good.  If you do not-so-good…well, not-so-good follows. You get what you sow. 

What did you put in your glass today? 

4 thoughts on “Sane for the Day! – DoWoo #244/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Beautiful attitude. We are so conditioned to believe that life is a competition with an its a me or them mentality. Your attitude is magnificent. It is your good positive feeling that is moving you towards your goal not someone else’s not so good behaviour. We create our own reality. Bravo.
    Sandra Owen recently posted…Week C5 Practice makes PerfectMy Profile

  2. Cheryl

    So true, I enjoyed reading your blog – thank you. It’s so funny I done a car boot sale (British equivalent to Garage sale) with my mum & sister, last week. We wrapped up & bagged items for this gentleman & between the 3 of us we didn’t realise the man didn’t pay for what we’d given him. A few minutes later he came back, saying he didn’t think he’d paid & we each laughed saying I don’t think you have.
    I agree with you – what you put out, you get back.
    Cheryl recently posted…The Evolving GroupMy Profile


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