Empty = Full – DoWoo #245/365

Realized I have done quite a bit of DoWoo-ing regarding our divesting of our material possessions but today it truly hit home. Empty space can actually result in a feeling of fullness.

fullBetween the stuff stored in the crawl space, the bins and boxes of stuff for the garage sale which filled the main living room, the massive furniture stored in the basement, the couches and table and a bedroom set – all are gone within the last few days.  In walking through the spaces which are even more bare than when we staged them…I saw the emptiness and yet felt filled with the promise of our dream coming to fruition.

I am pleased our “things” have moved on to other places – spaces which I hope will benefit from the joy of the having. It feels good to share. It feels amazing to release.  It feels phenomenal to know this is all part of our journey.

6 thoughts on “Empty = Full – DoWoo #245/365

  1. Walter

    Sandra, time is neither right or wrong. It just is and we chose our actions within time. Are you choosing to move forward or not. I guess what I’m saying is your actions define the moment not the other way.
    Great insights Carolynn.

  2. Cassandra O'Neal

    We sometimes think we own that stuff, but often it ends up “owning” us and the freedom we experience when we divest ourselves of stuff is akin to the freedom an addict experiences when freed from the compulsion to use. Infinite possibility opens to us. I am so excited and happy for you and your family!
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