Today’s Space – DoWoo #393/365

OK…so today was a bit of an interesting situation.  I had one aspect which was this major big good thing going on, a whole bunch of normal stuff, and then this major big definitely not a good thing which happened.  And somewhere along the line it all was just…the day. 

uh oh…did I loose my oomph somewhere? 

I’ve written about my mom telling me to learn to be less about the highs and lows – to be more about neutral.  Did not like that space.  I’ve written about work managers coaching me to tone it down – be less…well, less a lot of things. Did not like that space either. 

Somehow I’ve gotten to a space where things just are.  I can appreciate that today was a great day for a whole bunch of reasons.  I can also recognize that the not so nice stuff…well, it was not so nice. But what I observed today was me not feeling like I had to react to it all at a super level.  Not sure what this means but will think on it some more. 

I’m going to wrap up today with the way I started it.  My son made me the best birthday card ever! Inside he used our mantra…adding his own twist in the brackets.  He wrote “You are, whole (no whole grain), purfect, strong (stronger than superman), powerful, loving (I love you!), harmonies, and happy!”  Love his spelling of harmonious!

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