Thank You – DoWoo #394/365

kittens huggingA day filled with blessings. I got to work with people on fine turning their dreams today. I got to reconnect with some fantastic people who had a large door close on their life and an even larger door open – all in the space of 2 weeks.  I got to cook a healthy dinner for the family. I got to witness kindness of someone sharing a healing method and see it work. I got to work with Walter and help him with a project. I got to accept an offer to assist. I got to accept to assist. And I got to hear my son say to Walter “I’m very grateful for all that we have.” . 

So many blessings! So many reasons to be grateful. I take this time to agree with our son…I am grateful for all that we have. I gave him an extra big cuddle this evening. Thank you. 

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