Jam-Packed GFs – DoWoo #397/365

20151002_060906Started the day reading Og in bed with Gregory. What a way to start a day! He keeps catching words that he is working on understanding and asking.  It’s interesting to break it down to a simplistic way of understanding.   The old English within the book was interesting to explain.   Am grateful for the opportunity to spend this time with our son – teaching him, guiding him, preparing him for an amazing journey…his life! 

20151002_101445Barber Walter stepped up to the plate next – using the clippers on Gregory’s hair … and then mine!  Am grateful Walter is brave enough to take care of my hair when I’m willing to shave it all off in the heat! 

Worked through the last of the DMPs which had been submitted, wrapping up the day with 100% submission from the team I’m working with this year.  It’s a different feeling than last year, having worked through so many now – the comfort is there. AND the knowledge of the importance of someone else’s dreams…the importance of the written word. Grateful for the experience and most grateful for having been entrusted with such a wonderful opportunity to assist others. 

20151002_123442While working at my desk, I can see (peripheral vision) if a car goes down our cul-de-sac. There are no other houses past ours. I looked up as they went down and then looked up again as they rolled back down. I waved.  I wave and/or smile at everyone here. The driver stopped the car and got out. Walter went out to meet him. Turns out the couple were driving around looking for customers – they sell fresh fish.  Opening up the back of the truck they had a cooler the width of the car – fish of all kinds along with fresh jumbo shrimp. We restrained ourselves and purchased only a 1/2 kilo of the shrimp and fish fillets.  Mmmm.  I am grateful to live in a place where fresh produce arrives at our door unexpectedly. 

20151002_161050Today was hot with minimal wind. It got up to about 35 degrees Celsius with only 57% humidity. The fans were spinning and I was dripping.  Late in the afternoon we could see clouds starting in the distance – darker and then thunder.  Eventually the rain came. You could see the steam coming off the stone patio as the rain connected. Walter suggested we go play…so we did.  We danced. We hugged. We sang. We ran around. Gregory kicked off his shoes and ran barefoot as the water on the patio was warm – having warmed with the heat from the sun on the rocks.  I am grateful for the opportunity to play in the rain and to create this memory with my family.   Double power pose!

And not only do we have free food (in the trees on the properties and on the side of the road), turns out we also have free shower facilities….

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  1. Walter

    We must enjoy and be thankful for the rain as it is always followed by more sunshine. Beautiful, fun-filled day.


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