NOT Be, Do, Have – DoWoo #398/365

year3It has been a wonderful road I chose to take 2 years ago. And now…we are starting a 3rd year together – participating as Master Guides in the Master Key Experience.  I can only image being exactly where I am (and that’s a good thing!) I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many people from the same graduating class as me reach the goals they set for themselves…some having exceeded what they thought they were aiming for. I’ve had the honour of guiding some amazing students last year and seeing them soar. What a phenomenal space to be in. 

We chose to include our son this year.  The verbiage needs to be explained but he’s getting the hang of it – especially having listened to us for the last 2 years….and we moved to Costa Rica – so he KNOWS what you think about CAN become your reality. Now we get to help teach him what is within the Master Keys. 

We were breaking down the week 1 Master Key by Charles Haanel for him – paragraph by paragraph.  Paragraph 4:  This is true because we must “be” before we can “do”, and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are”, and what we “are” depends upon what we “think”. 

When we asked him to explain it back to us – he chose someone thinking about being a famous rock star. He got stumped on the ‘are’ and asked us to explain again. We explained that you ‘are’ only what you truly believe – so the stronger your thoughts mixed with true belief allows you to know you ‘are’ this thought.  OK – so he then said someone chooses to think they are a famous rock star and then he does all the things, practices what he needs to do, to be the rock star and after he does this then he can be the rock star. 


not be do haveNumerous times in my network marketing career I’ve heard people share “Be. Do. Have” as their mantra.  The explanation – first you must be the person you wish to be, then you must do the things the person you wish to be should be doing, then and only then will you have the things you wish to have.

MKE1.4Pondering this…I believe ‘having’ is irrelevant.  It’s about thinking, believing, knowing you are, then doing and then being.  AND the key is adding feeling to your thoughts and your beliefs – at the core.  When you travel this way, and remove the material stuff (the having) you concentrate on the end result of being who you were meant to be.  

Being!  THIS is your purpose. This is what you get to find within the Master Key Experience. 

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