Grateful Realignment – DoWoo #399/365

Gregory’s teacher asked him to do a presentation about Canadian holidays / celebrations using PowerPoint.  He got into PowerPoint and created pages with all the photos, titles and animation by himself.  He then pulled information on each of the 10 holidays / celebrations we chose to highlight and we worked together on his wording in English and the translation to Español.  We observed together that what you enter into a translation tool needs to be translated back to English to ensure it still says what you intended. Walter worked with him on his pronunciation. Today I am grateful I got time to spend with my son working on his presentation for school this week.  

I observed challenges today with having committed to other people’s agendas without a full review on whether these aspects were in line with my agenda.  Recognized I must continue to manage my expectations of myself.  Am revisiting my list of commitments to realign what are within my capabilities, what are reasonable activities to expand my capabilities and what I am passionate about pursuing.  I am confident tomorrow my activities will alter in line with my desires and the challenges I experienced today will dissipate.  I am grateful for this realization. 

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