I’m Done (for Now) – DoWoo #400/365

Just over a year ago I made a commitment of “Daily Observations WithOut Opinion” – To “DoWoo” for 365 days.  AND…I did it.   And some of those observations were fairly eye opening. I made a commitment to blog daily without fail. I did that as well.  Through a year when I participated as a Certified Guide in the Master Key course, assisted on a variety of projects within the class, managed my own business, reconnected with my siblings in order to offer assistance to our ailing mother, dealt with her passing and helped Walter through losing his own mother, we’ve sold our house, our convertible, and 95% of the possessions we owned, and moved to another country where they speak a different language…all this while keeping my commitment to myself.  I did it! 

Now…I’m done!  


I’ve decided to seriously reevaluate my direction and what I desire out of my life…to find a new focus for my journey of self discovery. I know it includes gratitude…so much gratitude for all that I have learned this year and am about to learn, gratitude for the support and love of so many amazing people along this journey and for all that is about to transpire.  Truely grateful!  I also know it involves teaching and guiding our son to be the best he can be, with the best way to do this is showing him how I am being the best me I can be. 

And as I wrote 2 days ago, to “be” I must first concentrate on my thoughts. Concentrate on the power of my mind. 


meI am embarking on a time devoted to myself and my family – with my loving and supportive husband, a man who loves me for everything I am and even for what I am not, and with our precious son who is at a pivotal juncture in his development.  

We chose this journey to Costa Rica to have a particular quality of life – and that is what I am about to seriously concentrate on. A realignment which concentrates on the positive teachings we embrace and use to guide others. 

Hasta que nos encontremos de nuevo. ¡Gracias!

Until we meet again. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “I’m Done (for Now) – DoWoo #400/365

  1. Walter

    When I saw this my heart skipped a beat and a bit of sadness came over me. This daily habit had become as much part of my routine as yours. You’ve done a tremendous job of keeping your commitment. I bow to your resolve. and look forward to your OoWoo. (Occasional Observations Without Opinions).


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