Freakin’ Pumped – OoWoo #401

Boy…that was a short lived “I’m done!”

(Walter suggested these now be called “OoWoo”s – Occasional Observations Without Opinion)

After hitting “post” last night on my #400/365 I turned to Walter and informed him I had posted my last DoWoo.  He immediately put his hand on his heart and said it hurt. Not only have I been DoWoo-ing this year, but both Gregory and Walter have been invested in my daily observations.

I explained I felt I must readjust myself and how I was investing my efforts.  I realized I need to reconnect with myself.  I felt like there was a shift happening. I could feel it shifting. Then I got to thinking…observing what was going on….

With all the “releasing” of the things from my previous life, there appears to be even more I needed to release.  Helping others in ways which are not in-line with my own personal direction has been causing me stress.  I like harmony.  I needed to right the situation.  

heros_journey4_8462With this shift, I realized I was hearing the call – the hero’s journey – and I chose to pick up the phone!  

Hmmm…I never would have associated releasing so many things as being part of the call which allows me to step into the unknown.  I would have imagined that it was more about gaining things.  I’ve always thought that when someone chooses to take a self development journey, they are typically looking for more.  They want to go somewhere – and are aiming for a space.

In my case, it’s almost like I am releasing these aspects so I can have the space and clarity to allow what is about to unfold to be available and I need to be receptive to whatever that is.  And what that is…is ME!

I am about to find out who I am.
I am so freakin’ pumped!

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