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BAM! – DoWoo #115/365

FlowI am LOVING how my DoWoo process works.  I sit down at the end of the evening and sometimes I have an idea already in mind of what I wish to share…I type and it totally just flows, other times I sit down with one idea, then when I start typing it turns into something completely different, some days I am so not sure what I am to write about….then Walter and Gregory inspire me, and then there was today….

I sat down, started to write that I had no idea what to write about on this evening – Christmas Eve to be exact…figuring somewhere in all the family interaction a few aspects of the day would surface as DoWoo material…but, alas – nada.  

413DIr2WZLL._SX300_So…I did what I do when I’m stumped. I walk away. Concentrate on something else which included chatting with Walter about how we would wrap up our day, cuddling Greg, enjoying the fire, and laundry. 

This morning I had thrown a load in with 2 of my favourite sweaters. These are the kind which need to “lay flat to dry”. When we were 1/2 way to Walter’s family for our mid day gathering I remembered I had not taken them out.  Upon arriving back home this evening I threw everything into the dryer – including these 2 sweaters.  My intent was to remove them after 10 minutes or so…once the wrinkles were worked out a bit. 

About 45 minutes later I hear a buzz from the laundry room.  The clothes have finished drying. An expletive sneaked out while I ran to the dryer. Walter pokes his head in and asked what happened? I explained what I had intended to do and what I did. 

This is when it hit me!

For YEARS Walter had been trying to be helpful by doing the laundry.  There have been times he has accidentally shrunk something in the dryer to which I have never been very kind.  I realized…truly I do…that he is trying to be helpful, he does not do anything to harm my clothes on purpose and well…things just happen.  Logically I KNOW this stuff. In the moment I’ve been anywhere from frustrated to angry to annoyed. I’ve attempted to be understanding but in looking back I don’t believe I ever was truly as forgiving to him as I was to myself this evening. 


How can I move on so calmly when I did something that when he does it I freak out?  Our wedding vows includes a phrase we coined: “I am us!”   So….that means Walter is just as much me when something happens as I am to him when something happens. Therefore how can I do anything but treat Walter with the same respect i would give myself in such a situation. Whatever transpired was not done with intent and it could happen to either of us just as easily. 

Once this hit me (while I was pulling my sweaters out of the dryer – fully dry) I realized THIS was my DoWoo for today.  Not only does the Universe provide me with the appropriate inspiration when needed…it works in some HUGE life lessons along the way. 

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Going With The Flow – DoWoo#104/365

downloadI’ve been waiting for this day for some time now – earlier this year when I figured it out – and then a few days ago when I mentioned to Walter it was on its way.  Today is December 13, 2014 – or 12.13.14. 

In keeping with its speciality – I started and ended today day with my son – thoroughly enjoying his exuberance and enthusiasm for life.  It was a day filled with kindness and wonderful people.  AND I was able to use 3 of my “happy” stickers. 

20141213_101001This morning Gregory was out playing with the dog in the yard. He came to the back door to ask me if I had any snow pants. I got my (newly purchased – specifically for this purpose) snow pants on and went outside. He had built a snow man for which I took a picture to remember the moment by, participated in a snow ball fight, rolled in the snow enjoying the crispness without bitter cold and spent time swinging on the lounge swing – all while Christmas carols played through the window from the office speakers. It was glorious. 

416nhr-S6pL._SX300_This evening Gregory explained something from his perspective. Earlier this week we came across a light we had used in his room a few years back.  It has a bundle of fiber optic straws which fan out in to a mushroom shaped and while on turns a number of different colours – fading in and out between each. We were sitting in his chair for our evening cuddle and he turned to me to explain about the light. He stated thelight is brighter when the rotation is turned off.  “It’s like a current” he said.  “There are 2 doors and when 1 door is open all the power from the batteries go to the light but then when you open the other door, both doors are now open, and the power has to go to 2 separate spots – so less gets to the light part.”   Interesting how he took an explanation of how a light switch turns on and off across a room from the light – and deduced the rest.

It’s like our ability to manifest what we think about.  If we only open 1 door (let’s say the positive side) then all our energy flow will go towards that aspect of what light we wish to shine (I’m having fun with the analogy here).  So our positive side will shine brightly! 

However, if we open both doors (positive and negative) then our energy flow towards both – giving power to the negative and diming the positive light.

Fork in the river

The power of electricity and the power of our mind are both referenced within Haanel’s Master Key.  Both are immutable and neither are truly understood as to where they come from. However, when attached to a mechanism they do amazing things.  Now that we know it is just a matter of 2 doors…and it’s totally our choice to open one (either) or both…which way will your day flow?  

I certainly enjoyed the positive current today.  It was pure utter joy! 

Leave the HOW to the END – DoWoo #101/365

foot downI put my foot down…AND I have to admit…it feels bloody fantastic!

beach-house-1152x864Shortly after meeting each other Walter asked me “Can you picture yourself living on a beach…in a hut?” It was an emphatic answer YES!!!!

So…fast forward to present day (12 years lager) and I ask myself ‘What HAVE we done (besides get married and grow a child)?  We have this ultimate vision in our minds of a little piano bar – called Loud Smiles (of course). The ‘where’ took a few years to fine tune – Costa Rica. And similar to our good friends who live in Kauai now (rather than brrr Boston, MA where they hailed from) once we landed in this fantastic country we chose – it felt like home.  That was 8 years ago.

What has irked me since then is that our ‘when’ keeps moving farther and farther away.


I also admit our‘plan on ‘how’ to get to Costa Rica has had numerous twists and turns. Challenges which have encouraged me to wallow in strife, frustration and yes, even tears.


don't need stuffWhile I admit i like ‘stuff’ I don’t NEED ‘stuff’. A simplistic life is all I desire. My only requirements: Walter, Gregory, our adopted daughter (from there – once we get there), the dog (of course) and it needs to be in a warmer climate with a laid back ‘island time’ feel. I envision this as a place and space where I can reconnect back to what is important – my family and my artistic side, spending hours creating – a place where people are not concerned with what you drive and how big a home you have – being who I was meant to be – to myself and my family.

WHAT have I done instead?  My time has been spent working in a hectic corporate environment, then it has been spent creating alternate businesses to allow me to work from home, all the while remaining trapped with financial responsibilities and surrounded by the possessions of our material world.


I don’t honestly know.

Upon reflection it appears I was doing what I thought one needed to do to get where we wanted to go.  We work hard. We save. We work some more. We hopefully save some more. And EVENTUALLY we get to go there. The same way most people go to school to get a degree to work for someone else to eventually work their way up the ladder, to retire so they can hopefully do the things they always wanted to do.

I was concentrating on the HOW.


While having a healthy nest egg in the bank before we leave for Costa Rica may be ‘optimum’… I’m now realizing – truly recognizing – what I’ve been doing to myself in order to get there.   THIS is where my foot came down.  I am a talented, smart, creative, personable person (hey, that felt GOOD!). I can do just about anything business wise and if there is something new I need to know in order to earn a living – I’m also a very quick learner.

The decision has been made. We are all in agreement. We have the where. We now have the when.  It’s the HOW which is not known but also no longer a concern.

There are the 6 questions we are to ask ourselves: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? and HOW? How has always been part of this group but was – like the song on Sesame Street “one of those things which is not like the other”: It did not start with a W.

epiphanyWe are to concentrate only on the Ws.  It’s not our place to figure out the HOW.  That one is spelt differently for a reason – with the W at the end rather than the beginning. So that’s where we will leave HOW – at the end – allowing it to take care of itself – to unfold AFTER everything else has been taken care of.

So – it seems similar to the BE DO HAVE.  You must first BE.  Then you DO. THEN and only THEN will you HAVE what you envisioned.

YEAH!    Watch this space!


Clarity Slow Down – DoWoo #100/365

100YEAH! Triple Digits!

I want to thank each of you…yes YOU…for reading, commenting, sharing, supporting, encouraging and being there for me throughout this journey. Who would have thunk 100 blogs in a 100 days?

And on this momentous day I reflect having experienced a very “interesting” day. A day of observing my reactions to what was going on around me – but in a totally different light!

You know how people talk about having an out of body experience…well, it was not like that! It was more like tiny moments of clarity where whatever was going on slowed down. I had time to recognize my thoughts and review my possible reactions and then slowed it down even further to ask myself how I would like to actually respond…and then I made a choice – doing so with a clearer understanding of how my response may affect the moment I was in. 

While nothing was earth shattering…the slower time frame allowed me to recognize that it IS POSSIBLE to choose.  We’ve spoken about being given the option as human beings to choose. However, many of us – and I raise my hand here – may find themselves just reacting….AND not always in the best way or with the best results. 

It goes back to our teaching within the Master Key. Most of us go from stimulus to reaction. We learn that we can train ourselves to go from stimulus to choice to response.  That additional step of recognizing and choosing results in the bigger difference of a response rather than a reaction.

This is what happened to me today! 

AND I am truly ECSTATIC!  

Thank-YouI implore you to stick with me through the next 265 days.  There are thoughts stirring, plans formulating and choices being made which are going to shift not only how I observe but how my entire life is to be lived.  Wanna share the ride?

Again, thank you for being here with me!  A blessing of abundance to you all! 


Inter-Connectivity – DoWoo #94/365

one of a kindYesterday I wrote about Synchronicity; about finding out we are so much more inter-connected than we may have realized.  Today we experienced an exceedingly far reaching example of this.  I went to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto for my 26th year in a row.  The show hosts more than 800 artisans from all across Canada.  This year I invited Walter.   Now…I’m going to admit that while I usually hang with a girlfriend for the day, Walter is actually a stand up guy to go shopping with! I am blessed.  And THAT my followers, is an observation! 

slapSo…every year I go to this massive shopping experience with an objective to purchase at least one thing which really slaps me. Being “slapped” is what Walter and I agreed to term the experience of having something yell “buy me!” However, for the last 15 years I’ve also purchased something from this one artisan – Jamie.

I was introduced to Jamie by his friends from Ottawa who were friends with the guy I dated over 13 years ago.   So – stay with me here.  MEOld Boy FriendOttawa CoupleJamie

Today I introduced Walter to Jamie.   While Jamie and I are chatting briefly, Walter is looking at his flyer and notices his last name.  Walter turns to Jamie and asks if he is any relation to _____? 

So here comes the freaky part…. 

the marquisWalter played in a band in the 70s – The Marquis. They played all over Ontario and toured the US Eastern States for 7 years. There were 4 guys including Walter, with the lead singer being the one and only girl – Lynda . Lynda just happens to be Jamie’s sister.  

article-0-0F101FC000000578-674_468x286There are so many ways we may be intertwined. We just need to find the right string to pull to unravel the connection.  

It could also be likened to the philosophy of “6 Degrees of Separation“:  Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

Six_degrees_of_separationBy reading this blog – you now know me.  And therefore you are now 6 degrees away from the Queen of England!

Wait for it!  

MeMy Ex HusbandHis Mother (who was a physiotherapist) Dr. Bett (who trained my mother-in-law to be a physiotherapists and was the physiotherapist to) King GeorgeQueen Elizabeth.   

WooHoo!  So…who do I now know because of you! 



Deconstruction Zone Ahead – DoWoo #92/365

74310_pie_1-4_lgI am officially 25% of the way to reaching my goal set 92 days ago!  Now THIS is what I need to do with everything in my life – treat it like this blog realignment journey.  So what is “THIS“? 

promise-29013223Three and half months ago made a decision I wanted to be a person who was capable of observing what happens on a daily basis without allowing opinions to cloud and complicate it. The idea to accomplish this was to write daily about my journey of self-realignment!  Thereby what we concentrate on…grows!   I deconstructed what I would need to do. Set a time frame for when it would be reached by (understanding it is about the journey and not necessarily about the destination). I made a promise to write every single day. And so every day I take one step towards this envisioned outcome. 

take-first-step-e1373270852946The best part is that I KNOW when I’ve had a challenging day – and sometimes I’ve had days filled with the results of opinions – this is just one step towards my end result. There is a count up to the end (not a count down – which could be a whole other discussion for observation consideration). 

A friend commented that she aced the exercises the past few weeks – where we were to envision the deconstruction of the battleship and a creation of a flower from a seed.  She said she was now doing this with her DMP – her written Definite Major Purpose. How very cool! Everyone is in your life to share something with you – to show something to you – to teach you something. She did this for me today. The observation need not be mine to be recognized and appreciated!  She made me realize I had almost sunk my battleship.   I am most grateful!  

We cannot have what we envision unless every day we take a step towards that vision in mind. We may have challenging days where nothing seems to happen but in reality every day is one day closer. 

deconstruction_self_portrait_by_th3w_san-d33mhadFull deconstruction of my future reality is on the docket for tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  


What do we do with Time? – DoWoo #86/365

logo_thai_room_vaughanSpent this evening with an absolutely fantastic group of people. People with vision. People with faith. People with purpose. People with the ability to help others help themselves. What a GREAT way to spend my time!

Whoa…Wait a sec…What is it about that phrase which makes me take pause?  Had not thought about it till now…not till I typed it in the first paragraph.  Why DO we consider time to be “spent”? 

thumbnail_1364296452The definitions of “spend” mostly include reference to money being paid out or used.  However, the Merriam Webster version (online) does include “to allow (time) to pass in a particular place or while doing a particular activity”

Interestingly though the same Merriam Webster defines the past tense of spend – “spent” to be “used up; exhausted of active or required components or qualities often for a particular purpose; drained of energy or effectiveness”.

Is this what we do with time? 

gallery_SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY-GALLERY3Spend it – meaning to “allow it to pass” – Personally,  I embraced it and used it, enjoyed it and reveled in it.  How is this “allowing it to pass”? 

Spent it – meaning to “use it up or exhaust it” – Personally, I have it here with me now as I can recall it, feel it, learn from it and most of all grow as a human being because of it. So…How is this “using it up or exhausting it”?

What do you think?  


My Epiphany? – DoWoo #80/365

crystal-ball1Yesterday I spoke up during a group call. I allowed my gut vision for someone else to come into play. And then…wait for it…I articulated it clearly, specifically and did not pull any punches; being brutally honest and communicating from my core.  This gentleman envisions himself speaking in front of people – inspiring many with his words. He truly has so much to share with the world. HIS story is very powerful and would touch many. It touched me.

I passionately suggested he stop holding back waiting for everything to be perfect. Suggested he share now via blogging – which generates a following – which results in the speaking engagements he sees.    He thanked the group for our words, encouragement and direction. 

So for the last 24 hours I have been feeling really good.  I am hopeful he will follow our encouragement and if he does I have played my part with my words.  

Interestingly I’m just realizing this….seriously….as I type….I gave him the same advice I need to be giving myself.  Whoa this whole blog just shifted.  

flat,550x550,075,f.u1Remember all things happen to show you something which you need to reflect upon. This message apparently was also meant for me. 

So…the advice I need to take is that I have much to offer. My stories. My struggles. My ability to adjust and grow and learn. Combined with my ability to share and articulate the vision…these are within me NOW.  I do not need to wait until something huge has shifted to take my stand. I need only embrace what I already have at my disposal and the rest will come. I have something to offer and what I say has the ability to help others.  I need not wait.  

Apparently I’m a little slow on the uptake.  I’m only now connecting the dots.  LOLAMS – Laugh Out Loud At MySelf

Shift back to earlier this morning –  I received an email from an organization  hosting “A Soul Based Retreat Workshop for Entrepreneurs” – they accepting my proposed session.  I will be speaking at this retreat in a few months! 

My epiphany?

I found me!

Now THAT was fun! I typed a heading. Then had an idea in my head. Once I started typing
it just shifted, rearranging itself into the above post. Thank you for sticking with me on this one. 

Was the world always round? – DoWoo #51/365

Was given a gift today. It was an amazing gift. So unexpected.  We were given an opportunity to share a few stories this evening. To allow these stories to guide someone. To encourage them to see where they were and what a phenomenally wonderful space they were in. AND most importantly to see that where they were heading was right there in front of them.  Exactly where they want to be. It’s there in front of them. 

Being given the blessing of listening to someone else’s dream is HUGE.  Having any impact on someone else’s dream is HUGER. Is there such a word? Probably not. 

But THAT’s the POINT. It’s about words. It’s about choosing which thoughts go through your mind. It’s about choosing what thoughts come out of your mouth as words.  Its’ about how you express your thoughts and what feelings are shared.  It’s about saying what you mean and…you guessed it…meaning what you say. 

the earthWOW!  I received guidance.  I am now sharing guidance. This person receives guidance. They in turn will share guidance.  This is the law of giving and receiving. We do not keep it to ourselves. We share what we learn in order to solidify what we have learned so someone else may share what they learn.  I love how the world goes around. It’s like a great big ball isn’t it? 

I wonder….if we create our reality…and words and thoughts can alter our reality….before people realized the world was round….was it? 


Their Dreams – DoWoo #32/365

Universe_in_handI observed.  We are honoured to work on helping others with their dreams. How blessed we are to be entrusted; when someone is willing to share their ambitions, their hopes, their desires.  I imagine that our source must feel exuberance beyond anything WE can conceive. Our source holds all our dreams in their vision. 

The juggling and multi-tasking that must go on at that higher level to listen, truly listen to all of us.  To what we desire, what we hope for, where we aspire to be.  And as long as our source deems it does not take away anyone’s good, we are granted the path to our dream. 

We need to be clear, concise and heartfelt.  Then we must be patient and open to the path given to us.  The path may not always be clear, and most likely nothing like we imagine it, but our source has computed all the possible permutations and showed us the path most beneficial to all for our dream to come to fruition.  Are you listening? Are you watching?  The path is right there in front of you. Get in your vehicle (actual & metaphorically) and hit the road. 


the master key experience

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