Take your own advice I said to myself – LOL!


Apparently, this is a reoccurring theme which has been building in intensity…since I’ve not taken it yet.

It’s time I truly started taking my own advice!

This is how my night started to unfold as of about 11 pm. It’s now after 2 am and I’m trying to make sense of the multitude of thoughts bouncing voraciously inside my skull; the myriad of emotions flowing sporadically within me.


I’m not even sure how to label the rest.

I recognize these as being somewhat defeatist in nature. I am not in any mortal danger at this exact moment. I must live in the now, yesterday, and tomorrow do not exist – only now. Hence why I am writing. Writing has always helped me clear my mind. Solidify my perception. No need to dwell on why I stopped…am rejoicing and being grateful I am doing it now.

Having picked up Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” last night, opening it randomly to find the description of the first of three parts to the “Law of Least Effort” I was reminded of all the lessons, tried tested and true, which I have studied and coached others on. So where are these lessons now?

I’ve always found it easier to share my advice with others than to take action myself.

Back to that now I mentioned.

So, I ask myself (quite seriously) what advise would I give someone else who is in a similar space to me??

Here goes…

  • Take 10 deep breaths – long in and long out. Now!
  • Ask yourself whether there is anything you can do right this moment, at this exact time in space, to deal with whatever is going on? If so, do it. If not, allow now to be as it is.
  • Make a plan to work towards resolution of what’s been going on and consider any contingencies. Ask yourself what would be the worst thing which could happen – and map out a plan to deal with that scenario. Then let it all go…other than the things you need to do right this moment – in the now – to move the resolution forward.
  • Take 10 more deep breaths – you’ve got this!
  • Give yourself a pat on the back – Remind yourself you are strong and capable and limitless in what you can accomplish both mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Choose your allies wisely. Now is precious. You’ll never get this moment back. Think about who supports you and keep them close. Distance yourself from anyone who may enable a defeatist attitude. Embrace those who cheer you on and those who can help you to accomplish your task.
  • Realize everything you have done up till now has created this moment. This moment, once over, will join the chain of moments which create your future. Treat this moment, this now, carefully – making sure it is all it can be.
  • Stop…and I mean STOP filling your time with mindless chatter, activities, and actions. If it does not help you to become all that you envision yourself to be, cut it loose.
  • Acknowledge you have everything well in hand. Life unfolds as it is meant to. And if it’s not currently what you thought it should be….well, it is as it is based upon what you’ve done up till now. Since you have a plan for what you want it to look like in the moments which are not yet here…it’s all good.
  • Continue on being your marvelous you!
  • 10 more deep breaths….and now go to sleep.

Good night all!

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