Fake versus Authentic?

I’ve been pondering this question over the last few weeks: Are people being fake or authentic?

This morning I remind myself these descriptors are labels and labels are a result of having an opinion.  An opinion is a judgment and judgments can be toxic, both to the person I’m interacting with and to me.

Over 3 years ago I caught myself with similar thoughts and chose to blog daily. The objective:  by recording my observations without opinions I would realign myself and how I interact with others thereby creating a more peaceful human experience.

During a stint of over 400 days, where I contemplated and wrote nightly on the subject, I found I was able to be kinder to others and ultimately towards myself. What someone else did or did not do, said or did not say, reacted to or otherwise, was not my world – it was theirs.  We all have a choice.

An observation is an irrefutable fact – no matter who looks at it, it has the same results. Everything else, all the opinions on top of the fact, are superfluous.

The thing with this human experience we are having, the lesson keeps expanding until fully accepted.  If I don’t get it the first time around, the next time it becomes more challenging until eventually, it may have to be a serious slap in the face.

Fast forward to today…..

I recognize having lost track of the alignment benefits of having reviewed my day every evening, asking myself what did I observe, whether I had opinions, how could I reframe any opinions I may have had.

The lesson I need to revisit/embrace is allowing others to be what they need to be without any expectations.

There is no fake or authentic. There is only their reality and mine.

No opinion. Observe. Allow. Move on.

For an explanation of observations versus opinions please click here.

2 thoughts on “Fake versus Authentic?

  1. Heather

    I was excited to see your blog post today and enjoyed reading it. Great perspective. No opinion. Love ya, girl! You have a wonderful way with words.


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