The 2020 Mirror

I remember posting at the beginning of this year about the significance of the year “2020”.  In the world of eye care, “20-20” is used to signify someone’s eyesight is at the optimum standard…they see clearly at 20 feet away. I wonder….what were we meant to see clearly during this year?

As we traverse the last quarter of 2020, having experienced something which seems otherworldly since the end of the 1st quarter, I find myself pondering these past 6+ months in greater detail.

Recently I jokingly referred to 2020 as “The year which never was”. Everything we had planned was cancelled. Trips were put on an indefinite hold. Going out was restricted. Interacting with others became a possible place of distress. Things we took for granted had to be significantly adjusted.  While all of this is true, I was incorrect in my statement. The more I ponder 2020 I realize it has been so much more than what was taken away from us.

I heard someone refer to the global situation, which has resulted from Covid, as the ‘worldwide pause’.  A “pause” does seem a bit more accurate….but it is still not an all-encompassing descriptor.

One of the techniques I use, when working through most things life throws my way, is to look at the situation from a variety of perspectives.  Having viewed 2020 from so much closer AND farther than 20 feet away, I observe this year has been much more than I had anticipated. It has been maybe even more than most of us may ever realize.

Consider 2020 as a visual representation. It is not an eye chart for us to see what is in front of us. Nor is it a window to see life from behind a protective barrier. I liken 2020 as a mirror reflecting back to us who we are. It brings the “self” into focus.

Now, if we dare to be honest with ourselves, we can consider whether we like what we see in the mirror?

2020 is the year we had to globally adjust how we live, cohesively, as the human race. We used our interconnectivity to share and keep each other informed. Some chose this year to unleash and share their full imagination. Others chose to wake up and realize life was about more than the singular. While still others reverted into themselves, avoiding the world and what was going on. There have been many permutations in our choice of reactions….or actions.

I believe this year is our personal opportunity to soar or be sour. We could choose to remain dissatisfied with others, the situation, complain, be frustrated; however, where does this land us? We could allow the multitude of personal lifestyle shifts to feed the bear within us.

Or we could ask ourselves what we have managed to contribute to the betterment of mankind and this world we inhabit. By doing so, we may realize those tiny acts of kindness, the random actions taken to help others remotely, were drops of sunshine for those within your reach.  Then, let us take this a wee bit further and ponder who we have become during this period of isolation and adjustment.  This is you.

How you have handled this crisis, situation, isolation, shift, adjustment…..THIS IS YOU. This is 2020 reflecting you back to you.

I have learned much these past 6+ months.  I recognized how strong our small family unit is together. We even expanded it by rescuing a dog who has become the 4th leg for our family stool. I watched while our son created music I adore listening to. Our son took on a further shift into becoming the man he will become, and I was able to observe this daily from up-close.   I also saw others a bit clearer by their actions and words. I fell more in love with my husband for his patience and his perseverance.  And the persistent mirror showed me a bit more of who I am.  Due to an abundance of alone time, I have been able to deeply reflect on who I am – what my tolerances are, what my requirements are, and what I am willing to accept. There has been so much!

2020 is the year a mirror was held up in front of the human race. We all responded uniquely based upon our individual core beliefs and familial coding. The mirror shows us what we choose to show the world. The results we reap are those we sowed. Did we soar or did we sour?

What do YOU see when you look in the 2020 mirror?

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