THRIVE in 2022!

As the new year rang in with family and friends, I recognized I was not only celebrating a few highlights of 2021…but also having “survived”. 

Not everyone we knew at the onset of 2021 is still with us today. Many of us lost a loved one or a close friend, or at the least we know someone else who lost someone.  If you are one of these souls’ suffering loss, please accept my heartfelt wish for you to find solace and peace.  

I chose to, for the most part, to remain as neutral as I was able and retreat into the safe haven of my mind – interacting less and less.   While I have my own thoughts, opinions and beliefs, these are mine.  I do not wish to judge anyone else, nor do I wish anyone to judge me.  We are all doing the best we can with what we know in our hearts.

Up until 2 years ago I was perceived to be a fairly sociable creature – someone who thrived being in the midst of many.  This global situation has changed many of us.  This past year I have become more reflective and introspective.   

I recognize I am not an isolated being.  While I at I AM part of the bigger picture (this world filled with humanity) I find I am troubled by where the world is at. At the same time however, I feel no need to drive change, react, or throw down ultimatums. 

Just because someone says it is blue, does not mean it is blue.  It may be blue…but it may also be green, white or even yellow.   It depends on our perspective – what glasses we choose to wear. Some of these are religious glasses, while for others they may be wearing political or social glasses.  Others may even be wearing glasses which are coloured by their upbringing, their family situation, or even whatever is the ‘norm’ for their situation or location. At the end of the day, no one person is more right or wrong than the other – we are all doing what we feel is the best course for ourselves. 

After having retrospectively observed how 2021 unfolded, I find myself reviewing my intentions for 2022.

Just over 7 years ago I wrote daily about “observing” – Daily Observations With-Out Opinions – DOWOO for short.   Each day I would observe what went on, doing my best to see if I had opinions and if so, how I could deconstruct the opinion to an observation.  An observation being an irrefutable fact. An opinion – well, these tend to depend upon which glasses one wears. So…on the first day of 2022, I am resurrecting my blog.  I may not post daily but I will endeavour to reflect daily and share my observations when I have something I believe is shareable. 

This time round it is based upon a new acronym – OAB – Observe – Allow – Be!  Remember…we are human-beings, not human-doings!

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