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Going With The Flow – DoWoo#104/365

downloadI’ve been waiting for this day for some time now – earlier this year when I figured it out – and then a few days ago when I mentioned to Walter it was on its way.  Today is December 13, 2014 – or 12.13.14. 

In keeping with its speciality – I started and ended today day with my son – thoroughly enjoying his exuberance and enthusiasm for life.  It was a day filled with kindness and wonderful people.  AND I was able to use 3 of my “happy” stickers. 

20141213_101001This morning Gregory was out playing with the dog in the yard. He came to the back door to ask me if I had any snow pants. I got my (newly purchased – specifically for this purpose) snow pants on and went outside. He had built a snow man for which I took a picture to remember the moment by, participated in a snow ball fight, rolled in the snow enjoying the crispness without bitter cold and spent time swinging on the lounge swing – all while Christmas carols played through the window from the office speakers. It was glorious. 

416nhr-S6pL._SX300_This evening Gregory explained something from his perspective. Earlier this week we came across a light we had used in his room a few years back.  It has a bundle of fiber optic straws which fan out in to a mushroom shaped and while on turns a number of different colours – fading in and out between each. We were sitting in his chair for our evening cuddle and he turned to me to explain about the light. He stated thelight is brighter when the rotation is turned off.  “It’s like a current” he said.  “There are 2 doors and when 1 door is open all the power from the batteries go to the light but then when you open the other door, both doors are now open, and the power has to go to 2 separate spots – so less gets to the light part.”   Interesting how he took an explanation of how a light switch turns on and off across a room from the light – and deduced the rest.

It’s like our ability to manifest what we think about.  If we only open 1 door (let’s say the positive side) then all our energy flow will go towards that aspect of what light we wish to shine (I’m having fun with the analogy here).  So our positive side will shine brightly! 

However, if we open both doors (positive and negative) then our energy flow towards both – giving power to the negative and diming the positive light.

Fork in the river

The power of electricity and the power of our mind are both referenced within Haanel’s Master Key.  Both are immutable and neither are truly understood as to where they come from. However, when attached to a mechanism they do amazing things.  Now that we know it is just a matter of 2 doors…and it’s totally our choice to open one (either) or both…which way will your day flow?  

I certainly enjoyed the positive current today.  It was pure utter joy! 

Long or Short – DoWoo #102/365


Our Yard @ 9:20 pm 12.11.14

While getting ready for bed this evening Greg called out to say the sky looked yellow and it was like daylight outside with the snow on the ground. About a 1/2 hour later he came into the office and suggested I “DoWoo” about the sky and the snow.  I explained that while those things were certainly “observations” how were they “without opinion“?  He asked me to explain what an opinion was again.  


Observation versus Opinion – Using Johnny Depp’s brown hair as an example

If I were to say “Your hair is brown” that is an observation. However, if I say “Your hair is too long.” this would be an opinion because it is from my perspective.  Now, if Kye’s mom were to look at your hair she may say “Your hair is too short.” this would be an opinion as well as it is from her perspective. Kye is the neighbour’s son who is a few year older than Greg and his hair is down to his waist.  His mom, the father and all 3 kids have long hair well past their shoulders. So hair being brown is a known aspect we would all agree on – so can be considered an observation; but hair being long or short is based upon the individual’s perspective and therefore it is an opinion. 

I offered to give him another example but he declined saying he understood. I asked him to give me an example in his words.  It took him a few minutes but eventually he came up with the following. 

c82635ddf8424cbf7759eba607db7adcAt school they are reviewing how certain items can be recycled into other things and then re-used. Greg said that Guinevere in his class may think using recycled Coca-Cola cans as a women’s purse may be “gross” but he thinks it is “cool“.  These would be opinions.  So we then discussed that a possible ‘observation’ of this would be that “items we use daily can be recycled and therefore reused“.   

I turned to him and said I now know what I can DoWoo about today. What? he said.  This conversation – on how to explain the difference between an opinion and an observation. He then told me that I still needed to start with the snow and the sky. 

Thank you for allowing me to share! 

Deductive Reasoning – DoWoo #99/365

inductive-vs-deductive-reasoningqw.gifHad a number of interesting observations over the the last few days which involved our son Greg.  Now for those of you who have followed this journey there have been a number of my observations writings not being directly my own but observed and appreciated through our 9 year old’s perspective on life. Please allow me to share. 

We were out on Saturday picking up our Christmas tree when Greg pipes up and says out of the blue “When we move to Costa Rica, will we be taking our cars with us?”  No, we would not be. “Can we give one to Anil’s mom?”  Anil is Greg’s best friend for almost a full year now. Mostly inseparable in school and yet still requiring as much bonding time on the weekends as the parents can handle. His mom does not have a vehicle so anything they do must be walking. We called her about the weekend and took time to explain that when she gets her license Greg wants to give her our vehicle when we leave for Costa Rica.  How generous is that?!! 

broThen the very next day, after he and Anil had spent an entire afternoon playing on their electronic games, we were in the car after I had picked him up when he said “Anil and I are going to be brothers-in-law.” Oh? How is that? “When we grow up, Anil will have a girl or boy and then I will grown up and have the other and then they can get married and we will be brother-in-laws.”  How inventive is that?! 

Five-Guys-logoWe stopped to get fries from “5 Guys Burgers” to go with our homemade burger (LOL!). While we are waiting at the counter, Greg looks up from his peanut eating and says “I think there are at least 2 men in the back.” The back? Did you see someone go back there? “No. There are 3 men working out here so there must be 2 in the back.”  I complimented him on his deductive reasoning.   I chuckled for hours over that one! 

5xThis evening Walter and Greg were in the family room: Greg reading. Walter had asked him to go upstairs to get ready for bed. After a number of stall tactics, Walter asked him “Why do I have to tell you things 5 times before you do it?”  

Does that bring back memories of when you were a kid?
I can actually hear my father saying this to me!! 

Greg turned to his father and said, “I know a way you don’t have to tell me 5 times.”  To which Walter waved him upwards asking him to go get ready and then he could come back down. Upon Greg’s return Walter encouraged him to share his idea on what we were to do so we did not have to tell him 5 times to do something. Greg promptly answered “Have patience.” He stood there with a look of “duh” because it just made so much sense to him.    

Walter then said “That’s great but I also know another way that you can keep me from having to tell you 5 times.” to which Greg ask “How’s that?” “Do it after I tell you the first time.” “Oh” he says and then adds “Patience is still good.”

99I dedicate this blog to my son and my father.  The son who turned 9 this past summer and my father who would have been 99 if he were still with us.  One of the things I shared with my father – his teaching and me adopting and now me teaching and Greg adopting – was the power of deductive reasoning. Something we encourage at all times. Even when it results in the reflective mirror being held up in front of us.

I am most grateful.

Today’s Circle of Life! – DoWoo #91/365

Today was a sad day for our son. His last fish started exhibiting signs he may not be with us for much longer.  6 years ago we had turned his bedroom into a “Nemo” theme room for a surprise and then Santa brought him a fish tank that Christmas so he could have his first pet. He was 3-1/2 at that time.  When we went to the fish store we explained he could pick whatever type of fish he wanted from the fresh water section. He chose an Albino Shark.  

finding_nemo_bruce_aquarium_backgroundAnd wait for it…he named the shark… BRUCE!  

“FIsh Are Friends Not Food!” 

There were others: Another shark he named Coco (?) and 3 barbs he named A, B and C. You could tell which ones they were by their size – A being smallest, B a bit larger and C the largest.  Unfortunately the others died (some after being nibbled on by Bruce we believe).  Bruce has been a loner for about 4 out of the 6 years we’ve had him.  

It was an interesting experience to watch how our 9 year old deal with this possible news. At first he kept going back into the room to keep Bruce company. After a bit he asked if we had any cardboard he could use to make a head stone for when we bury him outside – beside Jimmy the cricket’s stone and our previous dog urn. 

We’ve added treated water and adjusted the tank to maximize his comfort. You never know – Bruce (shown below) may rally and continue on with us a bit longer. We’re routing for him!  

BruceThank you for allowing me to share today’s observation of the Circle of Life. We are all blessed.

Creative Influence – DoWoo #85/365

Twenty-Dollar-BillThis morning Gregory commented, while he was eating his breakfast, that he “found a random $20 on the black dresser in the kitchen”.  How is a $20 bill lying on the counter considered ‘random’?  And how could he find it if it was never lost?

9780439791311This evening he came in to the office to tell me that upon reviewing the school book order magazine, he found another book.  There was a special holiday book from his favourite series. And it was ONLY available through the magazine. He trotted off to brush is teeth.

Later when we were doing his before sleep cuddle / chat, he reminded me of the book. I asked him about it.  It was double the price of the usual books because it was special.  Was he asking us to purchase both this book and the other he had asked for?  He looked at me thoughtfully and said he was not sure he wanted to spend his Christmas money on the book. The conversation moved onto other things. 

I’m appreciating how our little man does his best to timely comment and share information when he already has the final outcome imagined.

What A Difference a Day Makes – DoWoo #84/365

2014-11-22 14.21.5220141123_102057Greg decided to make a snow man out of the last of the wet snow yesterday.  This morning….well, not so much! 

What a difference a day makes! 

So many areas of our life could benefit from this perspective.  With many being the reverse of this melted snowman – looking better the following day once you move from the drama of the moment into the reflection that comes after time passes.   All things DO happen for a reason.   

Imagine learning how to do this with all aspects of your life?

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The “Other” Heart – DoWoo #82/365

poghnvqfk81azzoDo you remember being little and doing whatever you could possibly do to extend going to bed? Not brushing your teeth so you got to get up again. Needing more water. Forgetting to go to the bathroom. Needing to get your night time hug or cuddle in (again!).  Greg seems to be going through this type of routine right now.

bearhugThe other night Greg asked Walter for one more cuddle to which Walter explained that Gregory is always getting a cuddle because he (Walter) is always thinking about Gregory and envisioning the best of everything with lots of love. So he is constantly wrapped in a continuous all-day cuddle of love. 

two-hearts1Gregory called out to to Walter as he was leaving the bedroom and said: “There are 2 kinds of hearts.”  Whether this was delay tactic # 642 or not, it was good enough to have Walter walking back into Greg’s room. How is that?   “There is one heart which pumps your blood and another which gives all the love.”   Interesting DoWoo from our 9 year old.  

044-upanishads-meditation-on-the-door-keepers-vayu-and-the-heart-chakra1My carryover from Scroll I was:  

“As I repeat the words daily  they become a part of my active mind, but more important, they seep into my other mind, that mysterious source, which never sleeps, which creates my dreams and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend.”

So…if we have 2 minds (the active and the other), we most certainly can have 2 hearts.  We just need to fill the other one with love so it seeps out into the world.  

How did you spread love today? 


? marks the spot! – DoWoo #74/365

Was looking for a particular video of our son when he was younger but came across the one below.  Greg was just under 5 when we went back to the Dominican Republic to show him where Mommy & Daddy got married – and to enjoy a few weeks on the beach. We watched parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  The next day Walter explained that he overheard pirates at the eatery by the pool talking about misplacing their treasure map. They went in search of it. What transpired could be indicative of all our hopes and dreams.  

An alignment of where we are relative to everything shown.

A trek out to the farthest point to get perspective.

A run down the coast line until you spot what you are looking for.

Careful examination of your new position.  

Purposeful strides to…you guessed it…X marks the spot.


We Live in the Mountains – DoWoo #72/365

Was chatting with someone today who mentioned a family member was not fully supportive of their vision of their future reality – their Definite Major Purpose realized.   They did not understand the Master Key course.   I empathized and told a story of when I read one of the scrolls from Og’s book to my mom; she asked me how long I’d belonged to this cult.  I laughed then and I laughed this evening in recollection. 

imagesIn considering this…I asked myself – what advise would I give for someone whose family did not fully support (if I were an expert and they asked me for my opinion)? I would suggest they consider whether they were going to allow this person’s opinion to have an impact on their Definite Major Purpose – their future? 

Now – I didn’t give this advise nor am I giving it now. This is more about me realizing that while I am fully cognizant of what I should do – I also admit (a bit sheepishly) that I don’t always do what I should do. So – am I allowing my perceived version of others opinions or possibly my overactive negative slant on things – to take over?  Why not? Is it fear? Laziness? Anxiousness? Feelings of being unworthy? Risk of failing?

Does that matter either? 

No! It does not matter what others think – their opinion do not matter – and it does not matter what I ‘over-think’ it to be – that negative opinion does not matter either.  

It’s not about what I’m thinking; it’s about who I am being.  

And if I am being true to who I am meant to be.  Then any vision I have which feels good must be good.  I would recommend each of us fully embrace our vision and allow others to choose their course.  

Now imagine if when you had that idea or a vision or a feeling of your future and your family rooted for you no matter the vision? How would that feel? Greg called out to us while he was getting dressed for bed: “Remember how I drew our house in Costa Rica? I think we live in the mountains.”  He is creating his own vision along with ours,   All we do is ask for more detail and  allow his story to unfold. Way cool! Loads of fun too! 

Out of the mouths of… – DoWoo #69/365

I’m amazed every day as a parent.  I truly wish everyone could experience the joy we feel each day being able to be there for our little man.  When one thinks of their “dharma” – their purpose in life – I believe many of us think it to be some thing we do ourselves which leaves an impact on others. Sometimes though, upon reflection, I can believe MY purpose may be to be Gregory’s mom – so that what we may be able to guide him to be, will allow him to have an impact on our humanity in some way. Moments after birth the nurse turned to us, as she held our son up for me to get a good look at him, and said “He is an old soul”.  I embraced this then and still do. He teaches me…us…so much. 

treeToday during our evening chill session I asked Greg if he was enjoying life? Yes. Was he happy? Yes. What makes him happy? “Mya, you and Daddy.”  Less than a minute later he said that he was happy for his grandparents too: Dido & Bunia…Nana & Grampie. Because they met, they had us. And then we met and had him. 

My sister commented to me a few days ago that he will eventually rebel…as all kids get to a point where they rebel against all that we’ve taught them as parents. Her hope for me was that I would be strong enough to allow him to rebel and be himself.  

I struggle with this concept. He is a good kid.  We’ve taught him to understand there are always more than one perspective to consider and ll actions have a cause and effect.  We’ve taught him to negotiate and tolerate, be strong and compassionate, focus and hang out, to express himself knowing we are listening. If this results in a child who wishes to ‘rebel’, possibly due to whatever stage in his life he happens to be in, we will continue to be who we are now. We will allow. For now though…this is my now.  And it’s all that I imagined it to be…and then some! 

dont-count-every-hour-in-the-day-make-every-hour-in-the-day-count-2Before I had a child I imagined being a parent and envisioned my motto being “Lots of Love and Rules” .  Then for a time I thought I would not be able to be a parent and so convinced myself it was best: I may not have been able to be selfless enough.  When Walter and I knew we were pregnant….we agreed the only other rule was to “Make Every Day Count”. 

I enjoy today. I see our future. Our son is exactly who he is meant to be. I see our future reality. I feel the peace, the love, the joy and am overwhelmed by our blessings.  If any part of my dharma includes me being Greg’s mom, I say….as loudly as I can for all to hear…Thank you! Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! Mahalo! 

2012 8-46 PM


Sharing is Caring – DoWoo #66/365

Last year Gregory won the “Caring” Award. 9 of the 10 months they provide an award for the month – a virtue which has been exemplified. 1 per class, out of 20-25 children, receive the award.  The award receipient’s photo and a copy of their certififcate get posted in the hall for the entire next month. Since his award we have heard the phrase “Sharing is Caring” many times. 

2014-11-05 19.29.53Tonight was Gregory’s first official evening to join the Cub Scouts.  He had gone 2 prior weeks to check it out. He said he wanted to join and he wanted to join prior to this coming weekend so he could march in the Remembrance Day Parade.  

thbramaleacrestcoaGreg was so serious. When they told them he had to stand at attention – he did.  

He then received his necker, and his first 3 badges (to be sewn on his shirt). The tag line on his scouting badge reads “Working & Sharing Together”.  Sharing is Caring. He’s in the right place – doing exactly what he wants to do.  Growing up is making choices.  

Cover Story – DoWoo #64/365

Sitting around the dinner table tonight when Gregory asked me if I had ever DoWoo’d about “Don’t trust a book by it’s cover.”?   As I have been doing a lot lately I paused thinking…”Where did that come from?’  I asked him whether he knew what it meant. tumblr_mdxyimPhsA1rvirmqo1_500

“When a book is older and may be dusty, you should not think it’s just old and dirty, you need to look inside.  It may have really great stories. It’s what’s inside that counts.”   I then shared “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” was also a metaphor.  We explained the meaning of metaphor and judge in order to bring this meaning to a semblance of understanding. 

Greg and I were doing our evening read. A time for cuddle and independent reading with my son is a great way to wind down especially the time we get to chat about his day, his thoughts and his ideas.     

I realized that Gregory had used the verbiage of “trust” where as the original sentence included “judge”.  Gregory’s verbiage was slightly more “positive” than the original.  I explained my thoughts to him.  He turned to me and said – “Only a little bit positive because both used the word ‘don’t’.” 


Love the Literal – DoWoo #62/365

We were spending some family time together last evening when Greg piped up…. “When you have 2 roads to choose from, you should take the one on the right….because it is the ‘right’ road.”  One of the things I love about our kid is how literal he is.  It makes for some interesting conversations.

StoryI recall when he was about 2-1/2 or 3. We were walking down our block. He had picked up a stick and was doing what boys typically do, dragging it, banging it, swinging it…and it broke in 1/2.   He was distraught!

I took his stick and said let’s make this fun. My motto is to make learning fun and everything can be an opportunity to learn.

I broke each 1/2 stick into 1/2 again leaving 4 fairly equally sized pieces.  I lined them up and said, “OK – Greg, let’s count them.”  He counted them while pointing to them “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8” and looked up at me.  He had counted them both ways – therefore twice. I said “You counted them twice Greg. Only count them once.”  He looked down at the sticks and said “1” and looked back up at me with an expectant smile.

Who is teaching whom here?

Squirreled with a Smile – DoWoo #49/365

As a parent one of the things I struggle with is when our son gets distracted after we have asked him to do something in a timely manner.  We call this being squirreled.  As in the dogs from the movie “Up” whenever they…well, you’d have to have seen the movie to truly appreciate the visual here. 

365c991We prefer not to have to keep repeating ourselves so the current attempt to help motivate him to stay on track is to reduce his electronic time by 15 minutes. We’re not crazy about this option – and are working out the logistics to an alternate reward program rather than the current penalty program.  But, this program is what we have today. We do our best.  

4998342157_7feeffe7ac_zSo, I had asked Greg to finish doing something so he could get to bed. I waited about 15 minutes figuring I’d given him 3x the required time needed. During that time I heard a lot of singing.  Since he does sing while he does stuff I thought nothing of it. When I called out to ask whether he had finished.  There was silence and then he explained he got distracted….by singing. 

I walked over and asked him if he thought we should remove 15 minutes of electronics for his distraction.  To which he answered. “It’s mostly your choice if you want to do it.”  Then he added “It’s mostly my choice because I did it. Now it’s up to you if you want to.”

And he said the entire thing very matter-of-fact-with his usual I’m-having-fun smile firmly in place.  It’s about 15 minutes later (seriously) and I’m typing this so I don’t forget what he said and he’s still in there singing and talking about cool Halloween ideas – even a joke “Why do people hollow out their pumpkins in October? Because it’s Halloween.” 

After having been on the Master Key webinar this evening – during which the team talked about the Law of Giving and Receiving, I am in awe.  I cannot imagine what amazing gifts I gave out to the Universe to deserve receipt of such an amazing gift such as this child.  However, I can say from my heart, my core –  I feel blessed beyond measure and I am most grateful.

Is new better? DoWoo #44/365

Walter and I are currently on a crazy schedule with our businesses and being Certified Guides within the Master Key course and all the other wonderful things I have said “yes” to recently. I’m blue! What can I say? One of my Personal Pivotal Needs is Helping Others. 

OK…now to my point.  Even with all the additional scheduling going on we know we must include quality time with our son. So this evening we walked away from our phones and our computers to have dinner out (plus no cooking and no clean up!)  On the way there, Walter asked to stop at the pet store to pick up something for Mya.  When he came back to the car, Walter explained he had been delayed because both he and the store clerk had challenges finding the product – the package looked totally different. He showed me the label which said “New Look”. 

Change-to-something-completely-new-for-better-dating.-There_s-nothing-to-lose-and-everything-to-gain.Greg pipes up from the back seatJust because it’s new does not mean it’s better”. Wow! Where did he get that one from?  He calmly explained: When he buys a new pack of Pokemon it does not always contain better cards in the pack – sometimes they are better, sometimes they are similar and sometimes they are less than what he already has.

Ergo ‘new is not necessarily better’. 

While his explanation is totally in line from his perspective, the philosophy he shared has the potential for so much more depth.  I am scheduling time to ponder this one a bit further. 

What do you think? 

The Positive Police – DoWoo #39/365

mu_gen_char_bio_mike_1240x689_v1Augh!   Have I created a monster?  No seriously  – he is definitely not a monster.  Just a very persistent version of what I will call “The Positive Police”.

Gregory was just over 8 years old when Walter and I embarked on our Master Key Experience last year around this time.  We shared a lot of what we learned with him – helping him to frame the world from a positive perspective. 

34-donts-bankruptcyAs a child, he is quick to catch on and fully embrace new concepts. His ability to rewrite his “blue print” (or “rut” as I one of our newer members referred to it his blog this week) is not as embedded as with us older folks.   So when we decided, as a family, to remove the word “don’t” from our vocabulary, Greg mastered the technique of turning things around with lightening speed. So fast I gave him the autonomy to correct me.  

However, it does not appear (at least for me) to sink in as well when someone else corrects you without allowing you the time to process it for yourself.  So we readjusted and asked Greg to allow us to think of our own corrected way of phrasing things positively. He came up with his own solution to continue to remain involved. 

I’m in the office when I use the word “don’t” during a discussion I’m having with someone on the phone.   I hear a voice from the other end of the hall, Greg calling out to me….


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Serafina – DoWoo #36/365

Did not get to spend as much time as usual with my son this evening.  Luckily he was still slightly awake when I went into kiss him goodnight. 

He said “Mommy, Daddy asked me to remind him every day by asking him about Serafina.” Serafina is the name of our daughter, whispered to me during one of my contemplative sits by our source.  She is part our future reality we live and embrace now.  Interesting that Walter thought to ask our 9 year old to remind him daily of our dream.  Greg is VERY good at keeping us on track for whatever we ask of him.  

I asked: “Daddy spelled your sister’s name with a PH and I spelled it with an F. What do you think?” And in the wisdom indicative to children he replied “An F. It’s simpler.” 


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A Full Day of DoWoo – DoWoo #27/365

Greg has read of number of my DoWoos and has even been featured in a few.  Today we went on an adventure to another part of town to have a professional photographer do a photo shoot of our family.  On our drive home he kept saying that everything was a great DoWoo – and we were having a fantastic DoWoo day. He asked whether this was a good DoWoo or whether that was a good DoWoo.  What would “we” write about.  

I love that he has embraced my journey as a family affair.  

I write this at the end of our full day of DoWoos.  We picked up his friend on the way home and they are ensconced in the tent in the back yard – with mattresses and sleeping bags – 2 flashlights and their favourite books – the fire is crackling slowly burning to coals suitable for s’mores.  What a way to round off this day of enjoying every moment without opinion.  We are blessed beyond what I could have imagined.  


Parenthood – DoWoo #24/365

I LOVE I have been given the opportunity to be a parent!  I LOVE that my little man is exactly who he is.  Sometimes he just cracks me up!  He embraces all the teachings we have shared. 

P9204044Today he came home from school with an information package about taking a 16 week Karate Kid class during one lunch period per week.  I was reading through it when he asked me “Does it interest you?”  Included were a list of benefits your child would learn from taking the class.  The last one being “fun!”  He said: “I already know how to do that…I’m a Yellow!” He already talks in his Colour Code.

Later he and I were talking and I used the word “Don’t” in a sentence. He immediately said “Or?”  We have taught him the universe does not understand the word “don’t” and that we should always use the positive phrase. As an example – rather than say “Don’t fall down” we would say “Stay up-right”. I gave him the ability to correct me which he has done faithfully – but because he was giving me the alternate positive phrase – I asked him to prompt me by saying “Or?” which he now does frequently.  

It’s truly amazing how quickly kids pick up on new philosophies – whatever those may be.  

My observation today is that I LOVE being a parent! 


Mother Nature’s Stairs – DoWoo #21/365

kelsoWe went to Kelso Park yesterday for a hike – the family and the dog.  It’s an area of Ontario known as the Niagara Escarpment.

Upon our arrival the dog chose to share her mid day apple with Gregory’s lap – luckily he handled it well and we had a pair of pajama bottoms in the trunk he could swap out for his jeans which were no longer wearable. He commented his pjs were more comfortable! 

P9204055aWe hiked in about an hour and a half, stopping a few times to appreciate the scenery including a view of the Toronto skyline from over 60 km (or almost 40 miles) away.  We paused for a picnic under the tree canopy to which Gregory commented it was “great family time”.

We had stayed to our right the whole way in – picking up different trails in order to get to the edge of the escarpment. On the way back, I chose not to stay left at one point as I had observed on the way in an alternate path which was less steep.  Greg asked why we were not going the way we had come in. I pointed out the route in front of us would join up with the other at the top of the next rise, but that this path was easier to navigate than the rocky version we had climbed down earlier.

We started up the hill when Gregory noticed all the roots of the trees had created a stepping path which was indeed more easy to navigate. He exclaimed with enthusiasm “Look! Mother Nature’s Stairs”.

To top it off, when driving back home he commented that today was going down in his book as one of his best days.  I truly cherish our son’s ability to accept, adjust and move on.   The dog barf in his lap was forgotten in the joy of spending the day hiking in the woods with his family.

I dedicate this DoWoo to my two men who consistently provide numerous opportunity for inspiration and aspiration.