Mirror Mirror… – DoWoo #151/365

It’s not about who is the fairest or the strongest or the smartest or the most beautiful…what it is, is it’s all about recognition.  

mirrorWe are asked to read the words to ourselves each evening – The Guy/Gal in the Glass. We are tasked with recognizing that who we see in the mirror is the only person we need concern ourselves with.

“She’s the one to please, never mind all the rest, for she’s with you clear up to the end, and you’ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test if the gal in the glass is your friend.” Dale Wimbrow 1934

Numerous people have explained that what we see is a reflection of who we are: The world without if a reflection of the world within – Charles Haanel.  Others unknown but repeatedly heard such as ‘you are what you eat‘; ‘you attract what you are‘; ‘the people in your life are there to show you what you need to learn.’

This week a friend commented they had done something BIG! Initially they had felt exhilarated, excited, happy. Now they were feeling anxious, worried and stressed.  I remember learning we get to choose what label we attach to an emotion.   I recalled our son when he was 3 years old, staring down from the neighbours tree house – about 25 feet up – and saying his tummy was feeling funny. Consider the long term effects on our little man of how I guide him…I chose to explain that feeling was called excitement. 

I offered to share a story with the friend…of two people getting on a roller coaster…both of them having that niggly feeling in their tummies but one chooses to label it anxiety and the other excitement. We have a choice. 

During my observation reflection this evening, I realize this past week I have been feeling what I considered to be anxiousness about our upcoming journey to Costa Rica. I pushed through the feeling knowing that I am living my dream rather than standing on the side lines. But pushing through a feeling is not embracing it for what it is meant to show you. 

Having shared the story to aid another I was mean to recognize this about my own feelings. And all I need to do is label them the way I decide to…

Mirror, Mirror reflecting me back to me,

Listen to my feelings, I am what I will to be. 

mirror mirror

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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Hormones or Age? – DoWoo#150/365

I observed today that when one is focused on getting something done, one can accomplish a lot.  However, when one is not as focused, or possibly experiencing some after effects of the grieving process, then one’s ability to function at their full speed may be affected. 

I remember when I was about half way through my pregnancy,  one of the HR trainers came down to talk to me about the new people we had hired for my team, they spoke to me for about 10 minutes…I was paying attention – truly I was – but then as she was leaving she commented she would send me a note about what we spoke about. She later explained to me that she could see it going right through me – hence why she sent me the note.

definition of pregnancy

I too found a difference in my ability to retain information. Prior to pregnancy I was one of those people who could remember what someone said and who was in the room from a year ago. I was organized. I was efficient. But once I was pregnant all that seemed to seep out of me…I ended up with notes to remind myself on basically everything. 

I still make lists.  I set reminders. I even have alarms for my reminders. I understood why this was happening when it was hormonal but now….Is this age?  Anyone have an answer to that?  Anyone?

So…back to operating at less than full speed…one of my siblings sent a set of snap shots of posters from the hospice where our mom is currently.  One of them was “The Grieving Person’s Bill of Rights“.  What a timely tool.  A few things which stood out for me. 

beauty girl cryYou have the right to experience your own unique grief. No one else will grieve in exactly the same way you do.  In Scroll IV OG says “None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think (and grieve) exactly like me.”

You have the right to feel a multitude of emotions. Confusion, disorientation, fear, guilt and relief are just a few of the emotions you might feel as part of your grief journey.  And You have the right to be tolerant of your physical and emotional limits. Your feelings of loss and sadness will probably leave you feeling fatigued.  Respect what your body and mind are telling you.

Finally ending with Remember, grief is a process, not an event. Be patient and tolerant with yourself.

Remember back to Kindness week I observed (or was it an opinion?) along with being kind to others, we must remember to be kind to ourselves.  This includes being patient and tolerant with ourselves too.  Maybe this is why I am challenged with being patient and tolerant of others…I’m not patient and tolerant with myself. Hmmm….more things to consider. 

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Go Together – DoWoo #149/365

Managed to get up and get out to walk the dog something which I have not done lately – I’m really truly not a winter person. Then when Gregory got up I encouraged him to stay home today as he had a runny nose for the last few days and was a real trooper throughout the visitation and funeral. He has tubing with the Cub Scouts tomorrow and I want him feeling 100%.  Then I worked through the day productively. My Franklin Makeover Virtue for this week is “persistence”.  Yup…did that. 

This evening I decided to shut down.  Went and chilled in front of the fire with Walter, the dog at our feet and a movie – The Good Lie.

THESE kids were the epitome of persistence…and courage, self control, initiative, kindness, enthusiasm, decisiveness and they saw God in others…in all things.  These kids did not travel almost 1,000 miles through the desert on auto pilot. They did it with a burning desire to survive together!  If you want to watch a classic Hero’s Journey watch this. 

“I concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment and my actions help me forget all else.”  and “I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.”   – Og Mandino

At the end, just before the credits, there is an amazing African Proverb: “If you want to go fast; go alone. If you want to go far; go together.”   Now…think on this for a moment…what could this pertain to in our daily lives? 

MLM…a Mastermind…a Convoy…Volunteer Work…The Master Key Class. What can you come up with? I encourage you to share your thoughts below in the comments. If you want to go far…then add your name below to be notified of the next class…and we’ll go together. Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you enjoyed the visit.  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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Oy! Positively Negative – DoWoo #148/365

“I give myself permission to say and do what I believe to be true without second guessing and self reassessment.”

F00B362B-7B4B-4D7B-BB3F133348747762Up until today my perspective on funerals has been mostly negative…a bunch of hooey and ceremony…and the person is gone already…what was the point? I vowed none of this traditional crap was going to happen when I’m gone. If you want to party and tell stories great! But other than that, don’t bother. I never understood why people would stand around and cry and talk about missing the person? Why everyone says they are sorry for our loss (yesterday’s DoWoo)? Why we don’t just celebrate their life instead?

I was missing a piece of the puzzle.  

e517c136f17680613c2d60c1271718dcWhat I observed today, and over the last few days, were some interesting rituals we put ourselves through when someone we love dies.  I’m still reflecting and digesting everything. I’m fairly certain it will be different when it is my mom rather than Walters…so this may require a bit more time before everything has been fully assimilated. For the most part though… what I recognized for myself was this is not about them…what we do…it is all for us.  I’m sure we’ve all heard this before…that funerals are for the living – giving us an opportunity to grieve and say goodbye to our loved ones.  But WHY?  

I did not get it until today. 

memory-memorial-quote-life-celebrationfuneral is a ceremony for celebrating, respecting, sanctifying, or remembering the life of a person who has died. Funerary customs comprise the complex of beliefs and practices used by a culture to remember the dead, from interment itself, to various monuments, prayers, and rituals undertaken in their honor. 

Being there today to hear others speak of Bunia (Nina), remembering all my happy memories with her…the funny stories, her quirks, her love, her kindness, and then one of my favourites…her bone crushing hugs received upon showing up for a visit (as she was overwhelmingly happy to see us) and then again when we left (believing she may not see us again so making sure she gave it her all). 

This is when it struck me.  

YES, we do this for ourselves…but it is not in a selfish or negative way. It truly is an opportunity to say our goodbyes to someone we LOVE. Someone who meant something to us.  THIS is the piece I was missing. 

It struck me when Father George sat back beside Nina and spoke of his recollections: how she was always so welcoming, so cheerful for others, someone who said exactly what she meant and when Father George said “Nina was positively negative” and most of the group at the service laughed, I appreciated the ritual. I too loved that about her. 

I said goodbye to someone I loved today. 


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“She is Everywhere Now” – DoWoo #147/365

As “the family” we were at the funeral home for Bunia’s visitation for just under 4 hours. It’s been so long since I was on this side of the celebration (25 years) I forgot what it felt like to have so many people saying they were sorry for our loss.

Afterwards when Walter complimented Gregory on doing such a good job today – standing in the line, shaking everyone’s hands and responding when spoken to…Gregory commented he did not understand why everyone was telling him they were sorry for his loss. “I didn’t loose anything. Bunia is still here. She is everywhere now.”

imagesWell, she was certainly there with me this morning when I went to Walmart. I had to run to grab a few things we needed for the day when I spotted the words “Love” and “More” on a square canvas sitting on a shelf. I stopped. The phrase she would use was “Love you more.”  I put it in the basket but then realized it did not have a price tag. I searched and found they had 2 together – the 2nd having another saying….but I only wanted this one. There were a slew of other individual ones but none had price tags.  In thinking back…leaving it in my cart was a bit strange. 

When I got to the cash register, the cashier said I had chosen something without a sticker. I explained I had searched them all and none of the loose ones – there must have been 20 on the shelf – had a sticker.  If she did not know the price then I would not get it…it was for my mother in law.  She asked if I was OK with paying $8 like something else from my cart?  Sure. So she rang it through.  

I went home and used my canvas markers and added “you” to the rest. It is sitting at the home propped up in the visitation room. As it was meant to be.

Thanks Bunia!

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Double Double Booked – DoWoo #146/365

Yesterday  I double double booked myself for noon today.  Walter reminds me that I tend to double book myself but this…well, I will let you decide….

  1. list_double_bookingsWe signed Gregory up for basketball camp – which finishes at 12 noon – and since Walter was at a business session all day, I needed to be there to pick him up. 
  2. I booked a hair appointment for 11:00 – knowing my hair dresser is usually delayed by at least 15 to 30 minutes – and it takes me 20 minutes to get to the basketball camp. 
  3. Confirmed with someone to have a web call at noon. 
  4. AND someone agreed to come look at my dining room set which is for sale at noon.

Yesterday when I realized all this – I sent a note to the person scheduled for the web call and rescheduled.  Then I text’d the person for the dining room set to confirm whether they could come at 12:30 instead. When I showed up at the hairdresser’s and she told me 10 minutes to wait, I explained I had already washed my hair to minimize time and then explained I needed to be out of the salon by 11:45 at the latest. We were done at 11:40, I picked up Gregory right on time and made it back home at 12:25 before the furniture viewing. 

Part way through this exercise Walter text’d me asking how my day was progressing.  I sent back a note saying I had made a list. 

The great news is I sold the dining room set, the bedroom set, a 4 tiered shelving unit, a piece of artwork and the silverware in a storage box.  

We also managed to squeeze in an errand which required driving downtown and back, going shopping and finding black dress shoes and a jacket for Gregory for Monday, have dinner together as a family, see a movie at the theatre and complete a good chunk of my business reporting required for Monday. 

Do I hear the word “productive”?

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Choose What Emotion You Attach – DoWoo #145/365

embrace-your-emotionsIn the Master Key Experience we are taught you are able to choose what emotion / feeling you attach to a thought and THEN you can choose your thoughts. While I know this in theory and I’ve seen inklings of this peeping through our lives since we immersed ourselves in this class, not until today did I really witness it, think it and feel it.

Walter is such an amazing man. That is a true shout out.  We had discussed how we would deal with the situation of either of our parents passing and while we came up with what we anticipated we would do, how we would react…you just never know till you are actually in the situation itself.   This is when your choices become your reality.  He rocked this.  He explained he is sad and recognizes he will miss her. However, he is happy she is no longer in pain and has moved on. The gathering which will happen in a few days time, to honour his mom, is a celebration of her life.  Here! Here!

We explained to Gregory this evening that his grandmother was no longer with us in her body but her spirit was free to move on.  There was a bit more discussion and then we explained it was OK to feel whatever he was feeling.  It’s all part of someone no longer being with us.  But we also explained we choose to remember all the amazing moments we spent together. We encouraged him to feel comfortable in voicing how he was feeling at any time throughout the next few days as he may experience new things and we can help him understand.

sadnessHe said that he was feeling something in his chest but not in his throat or in his tummy like when he is excited to go to school.  Then later he explained he had an all over sad feeling, still in his chest, a bit in his tummy, some in his throat and his face – not tears but dampness.

So…here is my little man who when he started having what may have been anxiety about going to school (not all of the kids are kind) we had encouraged him to label that feeling as excitement.  In referencing this body reaction and feeling and attaching a label to it of something positive rather than negative, he has adopted that understanding.  He was then able to articulate that it was different than other emotions and then when his body changed, he recognized it again.

Now some people tease me about how I try to turn phrases and situations into positive things. While I do, and I would love to encourage our son to have a similar outlook, there is a time and space for everything. And sometimes you have to feel sad in order to more thoroughly appreciate feeling happy.

This is new to us all.  We are making our way through it.  We have chosen to celebrate and rejoice and that feels good. What other option do we have?

If you are unsure of your answer. Or you believe there is an option. Or you agree with our outlook. Then the Master Key Class is something which may be of interest to you.  If you would like to receive more information on the next class, please provide your details below.  I will make sure you are one of the first in the world to know. IMAGINE being in a calmer, more kinder and gentler space for yourself.  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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We love you more! – DoWoo #144/365

For just over 12 years I have had the privilege of knowing, and the pleasure of loving, a very kind and wonderful woman – my husband’s mom. Since our son arrived on the scene we’ve called her Bunia (short for Babunia).  At just over 90 she has been in palliative care for the last few months with her health gradually declining. Walter went today and within an hour of his visit, she left this world for whatever is next.  

I truly believe she was waiting for her “Vlady” to visit – so she could hug him and say ‘love you more’ – an expression both Walter’s parents would say as we departed or signed off a phone call.  The love and acceptance this woman had for her family was endless.  She welcomed me into their home from the very first day and we never looked back.  

All GVS 007

Bunia with 3 week old Gregory

I have fond memories with one in particular – the day we brought our son to visit his grandmother at 3 weeks old.  She held her grandson, looked up at her 54 year old son and said “Vlady…you have a son!”  (picture the godfather kind of thing going on – but with a Ukrainian accent). 

One of the ‘traditions’ of visiting Walter’s parents was to eat and then pack up the left overs so she could give us a care package.  We encouraged her not to cook and suggested we go to the Chinese buffet (they were regulars there – especially on holidays!) and then we would adjourn back at their place for a proper visit. What I found humorous, after having eaten at the restaurant…we somehow still managed to be sent home with a care package full of food. 

May 13 227a

Carolynn, Bunia and almost 2 year old Gregory – Mothers day – in front of the ‘forget me nots’ Walter brought home to his mom 50 years prior

When Gregory was young, she started giving him a bag of chocolate to take home with him – something every good grandparent loves to do.  I explained to Bunia that Gregory does not do well with the caffeine in chocolate – so she started sending him home with a bag of fruit.  One time, I seem to recall he was about 2, the bag was as big as him – and he proudly carried/dragged it to the car. 

I will miss this kind and loving woman.  I take comfort though in knowing today she is no longer in pain and for that I am most grateful.  

Bunia – We love you more!

bunias rose

The only video I have of Bunia is when she, Dito and Vlady (Walter) are singing to Gregory (not yet born) a Ukrainian song Walter hummed to Gregory throughout our pregnancy.   These three are so cute! 

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This is a man… – DoWoo #143/365

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.”  E. O. Wilson

alignedA man I aspire to be more aligned with as a human being was speaking on a web-call I was on this evening.  He shared the first sentence of the above quote.  I wrote it down. I had not heard this quote…or if I had, I had not retained having heard it.  It resonated with me though this evening. Then when I searched who had said it, I found the balance of the quote.  How appropriate.

neuschwanstein_bildI looked at this man…really looked at him as a whole, not just in the moment, and I saw a man with a vision. He was someone who knows family is his core base, has chosen to build a massive castle…with the interesting part is the castle he’s building is for everyone else to live in. 

This is a man who understands his energetic footprint and has chosen to share the tools he has developed to implement vision…not just towards the objective of his own vision…but share so that anyone can grasp their dream into existence. 

This is a man who originally reflected back to me a message to step it up and be true to myself. This reflection is now something I can hold up for myself.  This man has inspired me to recognize and accept what I see in the mirror without judgment (still working on this last one). 

john wooden quoteThis is a man who is changing the world for the better.  Not just “one small bite at a time” for that elephant in the room, we are ALL taking one small bite with him. And the next thing you know…poof, the elephant is gone!  We’ll leave the giraffe alone (inside joke for those who know him – and if you don’t get it – watch this). 

So…who is this man? 

Mark Januszewski

Mark is a man who puts together the right information at the right time, thinks critically about it, and makes important choices wisely.   

If you want to know how Mark does it? How you can get your hands on the tools to help YOU grasp your dream as your reality? Take the first step and register below for the next Master Key class – fall of 2015!  Then go here to read about people becoming heroes in their own life. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2015 Master Key class commenced in the fall of 2015 

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Haanel, Picasso & Minecraft? – DoWoo #142/365

During my read of the Master Keys Week 17 (Charles Haanel) this morning the end quote struck me more than it has previously “Thought is the property of those only who can entertain it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Stay with me here! 

indy.jpegWe have recently started watching the series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  The show follows a young Indy who experiences adventures around the world, with the current show centered around a young boy about our son’s age.  Adventures are right in line with Greg’s preferences – and as a bonus for us parents, they typically include some form of life lesson for the young viewer to learn from (which is every parent’s joy when watching a show with your impressionable child – right?).

2249290310_895d7943d7_oThe 2nd episode we watched had Indy and his friend (a young Norman Rockwell) traversing the streets of Paris during the period of Degas and Picasso.  A follower of the artist explained Picasso’s style of painting was called “Cubism” where “all form can be broken down into cubes”. Wiki references “In Cubist artwork, objects are analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form—instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context.”

Pablo Picasso was roaming the streets of Paris during the early 20th century. Charles Haanel published The Master Key System in 1912.  Coincidence?

Master Key 17:32 “This is because the Spirit of a thing is the thing itself, the vital part of it, the real substance. The form is simply the outward manifestation of the spiritual activity within.”

Now, jump a 100 years into our current time and consider what our young men are creating with: Minecraft – a world made up of small squares – cubes – everything is cubes!   And don’t forget everything you are looking at here – on your screen – are made up of pixels – little tiny cubes. 

I wonder…what would Picasso have made of/with Minecraft? 



the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

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“No Comprendo” – DoWoo #141/365

In pondering my observations of and from today, three areas strike me as being interwoven: 

  1. Borromean_Rings_IllusionBe kind to myself – we just wrapped up a week of kindness within the Master Key Experience and one of the themes which kept cropping up at my end was needing to kind to oneself – truly allowing yourself to receive unconditional kindness from yourself and those who wish to offer it, so you may have more of yourself to offer, more kindness to give to those who need it. 
  2. I give myself permission to… – this is the phrase Mark asked us to write down and finish during yesterdays’ Week 17 session.  I wrote down “I give myself permission to say and do what I believe to be true without second guessing and self reassessment.”
  3. Decisiveness – is my virtue I am to concentrate on this week within the Franklin Makeover. Recognizing it in others and myself. 

So…in the rhythm of recognizing the signs of abundance being offered to me…recognizing all interactions are put in front of me to encourage my understanding of something I am to learn or comprehend…when I put these 3 aspects together I get: Be kind to myself by giving myself permission to embrace my decisiveness.  Pretty powerful sentence from where I’m sitting.  

Today I recognized and became frustrated with someone else, based upon my perception they lacked motivation to change their circumstance and preferred to wallow and complain. Interestingly this is the same person who was one of the catalysts which spurned this DoWoo movement of mine.  After all that I have learnt through my realignment journey, I recognize this is a reflection of me to me.  It’s not about her.  She IS doing something about it, AND she is doing the best she can with what she knows and what she has at her disposal.  Anything else is an opinion…which does not belong here. 

Since it’s not her, then I have to ask what am I frustrated with myself about? The answer rings loudly – I am frustrated at my inability to allow myself to be myself without having unrealistic expectations of myself.   Walter has explained for years that I am my hardest critic.  I know this philosophy and recognize that I need to let it go…but when I’m in the middle of it, I find it a challenge to truly embrace that this is possible. 

As of TODAY I decisively give myself permission to be kind to myself and in so doing, I am able to be kinder to others. 

Out of this discussion about this particular person’s complaint, and my “old blueprint” reaction ending with a ‘new blueprint” analysis…came an interesting thought: Walter asked me to consider that once we are in Costa Rica, until we understand Spanish, the locals could be shouting out in a good way or complaining wholeheartedly about something and we won’t be able to comprehend the difference!  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

To be first on the list for the next class, please register now.

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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Kindness Amplified – DoWoo #140/365

kindness-other-picWe have a phenomenal mentor within the Master Key Experience.   Mark J not only studies the philosophies…he embraces them – with full throttle “en-THU-siasm”.  This past week the staff asked the members of the class, currently sitting at just over 300, to embrace a week of “Kindness”.  

The concept is a shift on the Franklin Makeover, where we are to concentrate on a specific virtue each day for a full week, tracking our observations on a table.  Through the intent of concentration the virtue is amplified – allowing us to notice it more readily both in others and in ourselves. One can only recognize in others what one already possesses within oneself.

#sWe started this week with a goal – a ‘definite major purpose’ to recognize, do, act, observe and share instances of kindness.  We wrapped up (as of just now) at over 6,100 comments with almost 55% being primary comments and the balance, comments on those comments.  

kindness2IMAGINE….no, on second thought RECOGNIZE…this evening, the world is a kinder, more harmonious, place than it was 7 days ago.  

Gregory asked me this evening what I planned to DoWoo about.  Today was filled with Kindness…how could I observe and write about anything else?  I shared, received, gave, enjoyed, read, and commented on so many acts of kindness this week…it is surrounding me and flowing out of me in waves.  

kindness-7-18-13This morning I sent out a call to our members asking them to kick it up a notch…as we still had only 20 comments to go to hit the full 3,000 individual mark (we had rolled over 3,000 comments in total earlier this week)…and then another member started cheering the group on within the alliance section asking people to exceed expectations and help us go over the 6,000 in total (a few hundred were needed).  We did both.

Now THAT is the way to maximize a mastermind and deliver on a definite major purpose…exceeding expectations to the extreme.  

AND to reward the class members for their efforts, Mark J and his lovely wife, The Fabulous Davene, went out recording Mark giving over 300 FREE HUGS!  Here’s a peak into how the day went!

So now…not only is our world kinder and more harmonious, it is also a space filled with massive amounts of positive energy from all the love!  Keep it going!!!


 images (14)

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

To be first on the list for the next class, please register now.

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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Imagination Starter – DoWoo #139/365

Our 9 year old has a very short and specific list of things he is passionate about at this time:

minecraft-360_2Minecraft:   A sandbox independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang since 2009. Gregory creates houses, farms, plants and harvests his crops, captures sheep and sheers them for wool, corals wild horses and tames them, mines for ore, obsidian, coal, diamonds…etc.

Z0iQ1DFPokemon:  A video game, card game, or other toy featuring certain Japanese cartoon characters.  Once he started with this I found out he COULD read, and remember all sorts of facts and information on each character.  So it was not about lack of ability – it was about finding something which sparked  his interest to learn. 

images (13)Geronimo Stilton:  A best-selling children’s book series published by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy, since 2000. Scholastic Corporation has published the English version of the series since February 2004.  Geronimo is a mouse who goes on adventures. Greg has over 50 of the 100+ books available and a “goal” to have every book added to his collection.  He shovels snow in order to earn money to immediately purchase his next set of books. 

Gregory was explaining to me that he really enjoys reading Geronimo Stilton because it starts his imagination.  While Minecraft is mostly creating…Geronimo books add “Doi-ng”!  I asked him to explain. He stood up and showed me….


I suggested he use his imagination to create his own characters and then he could write his own books once we are in Costa Rica – about all the adventures he will be seeing first hand.  He explained he already has characters and ideas from 2 specific dreams he had.  

I then commented he may be able to write books like Geronimo Stilton and kids all around the world could read them.  He paused and then said “I don’t know…I’d have to learn to write in all the other languages then.” 

THIS caused a significant Loud Smile!  

I explained there were people who translated books into other languages.  He seemed very relieved.  I truly am grateful for our talks at the start and end of each day. They give me a glimpse into the workings of our child’s mind. And what a wonderful world it is.  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

To be first on the list for the next class, please register now.

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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Time is Irrelevant When Humour Reigns – DoWoo #138/365

images (12)I received some sad news mid this week. The doctor in charge of my mom’s palliative care informed her, and us, she now has a very short time left. The phrase the doctor used is mom’s body is winding down.  So not being hungry, things not tasting good enough to want to eat, being tired and week all the time, and just wanting to sleep, are all signs the body is winding down.  Personally I haven’t heard this phrase but it seemed gentler…kinder, somehow.

marvins sisterUp till now, no matter how poorly my mom felt, she would rally. When she was diagnosed with cancer about 6 years ago at the age of 79, she went through a significant operation, months of chemotherapy and 26 rounds of radiation over a 5 week period – spending her 80th birthday fighting cancer. It was brutal to watch what it did to her.  I remember sharing my thoughts on visualization…recommending she imagine each time she was going through her treatment there was a little guy inside with a laser gun zapping all the cancer cells to dust.  Personally I pictured Marvin the Martian.

Less than a year ago she was told the cancer was back. She was surprised and disappointed as she figured she’d beaten the odds – they had given it a 5 year window – and she had almost reached that point. Her immediate direction to the doctor was to operate and take it out of her. While operating was not considered to be an option, they did try chemotherapy. This was too much for her body to handle and the treatment was stopped.

When the doctor told her a month ago she had months not years left, her comment was “I am going to live longer than that doctor thinks I am, I am going for another oxygen treatment”!  This is a woman who despite all odds continues to fight.

I’m schedule to drop over tomorrow morning.  I’ve been giving this much thought in the 2 days since we were informed. I cannot imagine what my mom is feeling. But I do recognize that this is not for me to be concerned with (remember what I wrote yesterday…accept the things I cannot change). What she feels, thinks, believes, imagines…they are all hers and hers alone. What I CAN offer is what I have always offered my mom – a daughter who tells it the way it is but somehow manages to put a twist of humour in – encouraging laughter whenever possible.


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OK OK I get it! – DoWoo #137/365

boatI was speaking to a friend earlier this week about her “AHA” moment when she told me about another thing – of being shown, reminded and then finally something had to fall on her head (literally) in order to make her realize she was being pointed towards a particular course of action. She referenced the story about God having sent a canoe, a Police boat and finally a service rescue helicopter. She had to finally get hit by something falling from the cupboard before she said to herself…OK, I get it. 

The same thing is what happened to me today. 

Yesterday, after having DoWoo’d about needing a hug, I sat with Walter in front of the fire for about an hour talking about a certain situation which had taken place: I had been on a call and said something which should not have been voiced…it was a negative comment. In replaying this situation in my mind, twisting it and turning it around in multiple ways…I became frustrated, then annoyed and eventually a bit ticked off. Mostly at myself but also a bit at him for not saving me from myself. This may not be rational…but it is where I went. 

Walter suggested I let it go.  It was done. I could do nothing to change it.  He explained I was dwelling on it and there are absolutely no benefits to doing this. I argued there was always benefit in review. You get to analyse and pick it apart to figure out how you could have handled it differently so you know how to handle it if it comes up again. 

Needless to say we came at this from 2 totally different perspectives. 

serentityAfter numerous bounces back and forth, I started to see a bit of clarity but was still fairly certain some part of my analysis of the situation was of benefit. This is when Walter asked me if understood the Serenity Prayer?  I started to recite each line, pausing to define in my own words the meaning of the sentence – giving examples. When we discussed the first part about “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”…he commented that what is in the past cannot be changed. I kind of got stuck there. 

So, if it is “grant me serenity to accept” = “the things I cannot change” (A = B) and “the past” = something which “cannot be changed” (C=B) THEN logically this translates into “grant me the serenity to accept” = “that I cannot change the past” (A=C).   Walter explained I cannot rewrite this particular prayer.

3Today I ran across numerous instances of other people finding themselves in similar situations, placing me in close proximity which led me to feel compelled to share my moment of clarity. The soccer coach’s 9 year old daughter who was dwelling on having said something to a friend and offending them.  The gentleman who shared he was having challenges with other’s level of service. The friend who coached me for 1.5 hours of consideration for my mom in her current state of her illness. The canoe. The Police boat. The service rescue helicopter.

Each time I shared the coaching I received the night before from Walter, I started to truly own this understanding.  

Tonight I logged on at 11:00 to DoWoo.  It is 1.15.15.  From Doreen Virtue’s Number Sequences From The Angels:  1’s and 5’s, such as 115, or 551 – Your thoughts are creating the changes in your life. Keep steering your thoughts in your desired direction. If the changes that you see forthcoming are not desired, you can stop or alter them by modifying your thoughts.

OK OK I get it!   



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Got a Hug? Anybody?? – DoWoo #136/365

1339573ddd366d_6f2c264d60a_oOK…so I need a hug!

I called a friend this afternoon and announced I needed a hug! She sent me a whopper over the phone lines – sound and all.  I admit I am in what feels like a very vulnerable space and there is a part of me which associates this space with needing to be hugged.  Why is that?

hugs_007Mark J wrote today about “Kindness is the key to the hug“.  This week we have been tasked with recognizing kindness in others and ourselves; offering kindness to others without any expectation of reciprocity and better yet, getting out there and doing RANDOM acts of kindness – allowing ourselves to rejoice in the act itself, knowing there will be no outside appreciation of, or for, our actions.   

rak8I started this week off by suggesting to our team to remember to “be kind to yourself”.  I reasoned the same way one cannot love others without loving ourselves – how can we be kind to others if we are not kind to ourselves?   THEN we take it a step further by RECOGNIZING in others virtues we wish to enhance and grow within ourselves….ultimately realizing that which we seek was within us all along. 

give_yourself_a_hug-277x300So getting back to the hug I said I needed.  If kindness is within me, and kindness is the key to the hug, then I should be able to hug myself…right?

It may not be the hug…possibly more about what that hug creates within us which radiates outward. Acts of kindness can create a chain reaction of kindness throughout our world, spreading a feeling of joy and abundance.  A hug given and received creates a unique kind of energy transfer, and since energy does not diminish it only transfers and continues to transfer, the chain reaction of the energy hug could possibly reach beyond what we know as our world.

I feel like I just gave myself a great big hug filled with all sorts of positive energy.  You? 


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A Day of Connections – DoWoo# 135/365

Brain Wave Started my day trying a new meditation tool.  It was enough of a pleasant response that I signed up for the 30 day trial. The interesting thing I observed was the “give away” popups and side bars and capture pages….I now understand so much more about how all this digital connections stuff works.  

Was working through a few reports, calling and connecting with people when one gentleman and I just hit it off. He and I had to stop chit chatting and get back to the matter at hand. Wonderful professional with a human element – just my kind of connection. 

im possibleReceived a call back from the person at the Sports Club (yesterday’s post) and she ended up telling me she almost purchased property in Costa Rica 11 years ago and wants to follow us there. She then shared about her dad just being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. NOW why do Doctors say that?! I felt compelled to share a few areas of treatments which I have heard about recently with success – immediately emailing her with the details and sending blessings. 

Another Digital Connection from our class created an updated version of my side bar.  I am blessed for having received such kindness. 

ddAND then this evening I received notification of a new follower on Twitter – Digital Divas.  Hey…I thought Mark J coined that phrase for our group of Digital Connection Ladies.  When I saw who was following me, I received a loud smile and immediately followed them back, thanking them for reaching out to me. 

20150113_193742Lastly, I put aside my work and splayed Scrabble with our 9-1/2 year old.  We downloaded an app on my phone which allows you to plug in your idea of a possible word and it tells you whether it is valid and if validated, gives you the definition.  

Turns out we were learning English and Math while enjoying family time.  Walter came home and said we need to do this in Spanish next time.  Are there different tiles for that? 

A fun filled day most definitely.  I am so filled with love and happiness. Blessings to all! 

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Stars Aligned…or Was it the Balls? – DoWoo #134/365

team-sport_1_0Not sure if these are specific developmental “opportunities” which are more prevalent when a child has no siblings but Walter and I have noticed a few areas where Gregory could benefit from some improved “team” interaction.  We discussed this just the other day. I thought…hmmm it’s the middle of winter…how do we get him involved in soccer (he loves) during winter..and then just last week he had tried out for the basketball team at school.

Today he comes home with his agenda and brings it into the office handing it to me with a yellow flyer on top which says “Free Basketball and Soccer One-Day Clinic”. Timing? The stars aligning? Or did we ‘Key’ this request?  

In reading this I was amazed at how they have positioned themselves DARE to LOVE Sports Club.  

dare“Our mission is to teach, inspire and encourage (TIE) our community to promote DARE: discipline, attitude, respect and effort through the spirit of sport; and encourage players to show LOVE at home: listen, obey and volunteer every day. DARE to LOVE.   

We produce good athletes and great citizens. 

We DARE. We LOVE. We TIE it altogether through sport. We DARE you to do the same.”

stars-alignSo not only did the stars align, the balls aligned with an environment inline with all that we aspire to inspire at home.  What an amazing promotional set of acronyms.  Not sure…I believe that may have been an opinion. OK – allow me to rephrase.  Through the use of a clever set of acronyms this club created a brand which is appealing to me.  

On tonight’s Digital Call for the Master Key we were honoured to have a powerful speaker share her story and provide social media guidance based upon her years of experience: Andrea Waltz. One of the areas which peaked my interest was her comment about ‘branding’. Walter and I chose “Loud Smiles” as the name of our Piano Bar about 10 years ago but since then everything remotely associated with creating our dream has been Loud Smiled, sometimes with our tag line twist of “We smile loudly!”  In considering these 3 acronyms I believe we could adopt some of their philosophies to our progression.   

Thank you for stopping by.  Remember to be KIND to yourself today! 


kind to you

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5 Time’s a Charm – DoWoo #133/365

Today it is not about what to write about but more which aspect of today to write about. YEAH! 

images (11)Would it be about the fact that my almost 1/2 century body rebelled after I decided to join the kids going down the snow hill on a crazy carpet?  Or would it be about the kindness (our virtue for this weeks’ Franklin Makeover) exhibited by the other parent at the top of the hill when he offered to let my 2 charges go down on his fantastic sled? Or would it be about my son commenting at the dinner table we need to translate “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” into Spanish for when we are living in Costa Rica?

Today was a day filled with numerous opportunities to observe without opinion but the start was the most challenging.  I’m sure someone out there may relate…

After my morning routine I opened up my laptop and typed in my Microsoft Password – to which it promptly told me it was incorrect.  I checked my caps lock, my #s and then tried again. OK…still not ‘correct’. I tried an alternative password thinking maybe I changed something online or Walter changed something when we got the new Microsoft Office package earlier this week. I even did what every good IT support person tells you to do when all else fails, I restarted my computer. All with no success.  

password is incorrect[4]I called our IT people. Thank goodness for 24-7 support. They said I would need to log onto the Microsoft site through another source and update my password. BUT when I did this using the message noted on my screen, this site did not exist.  Another call to IT support to get the correct site.  Tried it on Walter’s computer – this site does not exist! Turns out our internet was unstable. Tried it on my phone, using my carrier’s access not my WiFi, and was able to change it.

business-it-supportI logged on to my laptop using the new password and it still said incorrect.  I waited a few more minutes (figuring there may be a slight delay) and typed the new password again. SUCCESS!! Then called IT Support again.  I asked them to complete a system diagnostic to see what was going on – as I had not changed my password – so maybe there was something intrusive which had attached itself to my system. IT started doing this and then got kicked out because the internet went down. They tried to call me on my cell but I had forgotten to turn on my sound for the day!

When I came back to my office and found the message on my phone and my screen locked without internet.  I ended up having to restart my computer to get the internet connection again.  When I logging in using my new password I was told it was incorrect.  


Went through the whole new password reset with Microsoft. Called IT Support again (anyone keeping count?) and when I got connected, I was immediately disconnected.  Called in again and finally got someone to link up and review my computer. YEAH! 

download (6)This was not my observation…it was Walters.  He turned to me and said he was impressed. Why? Not too long ago, he explained, I would have thrown up my hands and arms in frustration and asked him to deal with IT Support.  I would not have even made the first call let alone 5.  He was correct – I have come a long way.  It’s still a journey though….as I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  However, today I realized I am certainly well on the road to being the me I envision. 

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Human Toy – DoWoo #132/365

After I had “DoWoo’d” yesterday I explained to Walter that it may not be perceived as a huge observation but more of a consistent one…in how we interact and communicate with our son. Walter commented that not every DoWoo needs to be earth shattering.  It’s like baseball.  

dog hug

He explained that a baseball player who fails at hitting the ball 70% of the time is still considered a 300 hitter – which means they are ‘hall of fame’ material and multi-million dollar earners. When I chose to observe daily without opinion some days may be more of a hit then others…but I am most definitely hall of fame material! I am blessed and most grateful that I did whatever I did to deserve this man.

So today…I again was considering my daily observations when Walter and I sat down in front of the fire to chill before the boys came down to watch the movie. Mya, our 2 year old Belgian Malinois, decided she wanted Walter’s hand to pet or play with. This is something she does on a regular basis which amazes me. 

belgian_shepherd_malinois_13Now for those who are not familiar with a Belgian Malinois, they are a bread who (as per Wiki) are used as working dog for tasks including detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking of humans for suspect apprehension in police work; and search and rescue missions. The U.S. Secret Service uses the breed to guard the grounds of the White House.

I bought my first dog when I was 16 and kept her at my friends house till her parents told me I had to pick her up (I managed about 3 months believe it or not – my parent had no idea). She ended up being given to a woman on a farm. The next dog I purchased was the only cute, large, slim dog, in the pet store which was NOT the Rottweiler my husband (ex) was looking at so interestingly – a Belgian Malinois. The breed was not something I had never heard of but I was hooked. That dog could clear a 3′ fence on command, clear a park bench from sit without touching it, would growl at anyone who approached me who he did not recognize, but was instantaneously courteous as soon as I touched their arm to “accept” them.  When we separated and he came back to take away his stuff, he went to give me a hug and the dog pulled him off of me – something I had not trained him to do…he just knew. 

So…when I wanted to get another dog for Gregory to grow up with, I wanted this breed. They are considered to be good with other dogs if socialized and good as a family pet, with kids (you got it) if socialized. We adopted Mya as a rescue at 8 months old. She had been malnourished and has a permanent eye infection which requires daily drops. However, for this breed she is THE most laid back, calm, affectionate, gentle dog the rescue group and I have ever seen.  She’s still a Mal but just nowhere near as driven as the breed typically is.  When we showed up to consider adopting her the person running the rescue operation said we were the right family for her (we had fostered for them before so they knew what we were all about).   We are blessed to have been in the right place, looking for the right dog and she was ours! What better dog for a young boy to have – one he can wrestle with, throw snow at, play tug or war (and not win) and yet a dog who keeps her teeth gentle as she grabs your hand in her mouth.  

Today I observed a gentle animal and her human toy!   No humans were injured in the making of this video (…or not much).  You can be the judge and leave a comment down below.  Thanks!


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