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Double Header – DoWoo #391A/365

in the mirrorMy son helped turn the mirror on me this evening.

Late this afternoon I asked Gregory to help us by washing up the dishes before I made the pizza as it would give me room to work. It took him forever. He was working with cold water after I had already asked him to work with warm water. I got frustrated. I was sharp with him.

Later I sat down and asked whether he knew I did not like being sharp with him. He agreed he does not like it either. Then he said “It’s like if we were reversed, and you and daddy were the kids and I was the father and if I yelled at you I would not feel very good.”  We agreed we would both do what we need to do to avoid these situations.

In looking back over more recent event, I find I tend to put pressure on Gregory. I forget sometimes he is 10 and I should be allowing him to be 10. We all grow up eventually and we are adults for a very, very, very long time – you only get to be a kid for a short time!

I recognize that a moment in anger, frustration, or annoyance is a moment which has been wasted – you can never get that moment back.  And how can you feel anything other than negative with all of these emotions? So not only have you wasted it, it has been wasted in a way which breeds further negative emotion. 

Another part of my DMP – I remain calm and ensure each moment is filled with positive emotions and thoughts, resulting in positive actions and results. 

Falling Into Alignment! – DoWoo #391/365

I was writing to a friend of mine in Scotland today when I paused and reviewed what I had typed – “Even though Gregory is only 10 we’re going to include him when we do our daily exercises. My vision is to create something for 10 to 16 year old kids.  Imagine teaching this age group about the power of their mind, allowing them to recognize they can create whatever they imagine, they have the ability to calm their mind and their souls and to fully realize their purpose – all this at such an early age.  To have these tools to carry with them through their entire lives rather than waiting till a later stage of life.  Priceless!”

When I first participated in the Master Key Class I had a vision about 1/2 way through – it was when I did my first bit-strip cartoon – why not teach the kids this stuff!   It was put to the side as what we were both focusing became our reality (Costa Rica). Now it appears I am circling back.

Tonight we had our pizza and a movie night. While searching for a movie on Netflix I came across one from 2005 which I had not noticed before.  “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl”.  

So in keeping with the teachings I’ve learned over the years, what I envision we can help our young teens understand.  The hero is being coached by his guides to go to the dream layer….“Everything that is or was began with a dream.” and to get there you must “travel through the passage of time, catch the train of thought, swim down the stream of consciousness and skate across the sea of confusion, covered in ice.”  going on to say “To put things back in order, just stay positive.”

Towards the end they state “When you make your dreams a reality, reality becomes a dream.” and “Dream a better dream then work to make it real.”

I totally believe what transpired today, the night before the first webinar session of the 2015 Master Key Experience, were my signs to realign and focus on this next stage of my vision – my dharma.  Woo hoo and Whew!  I have my new DMP!

Home – DoWoo #390/365

As we flew over the coast of Costa Rica, heading into Liberia, Walter reminded me what we said 8 years ago when we first came to this country. We were standing on the tarmac at the airport, hoping on a small 8 seater plane to go to Palma Sur from San Jose – when we both said ‘This feels like home.”

Turns out we were right.

It was a long day but were back at our rental property with our ‘awesome’ view. The weather feels good. The energy feels good.  We are home.

Where Do I Belong? – DoWoo #389/365

I sit here, the night before we depart Canada and return to Costa Rica and wonder…Where do I belong?

Having spent a whirlwind two weeks in Canada, recognizing I was born and raised here, I do not feel like I belong here. The pace, the energy, do not jive with my inner space. I find the lights too much. The traffic too much. The hustle of the interaction with others too much. The underlying drive for more, without satisfaction for the most part, too much.   This does not feel like home.

Now, this could be just the ‘city’ life which I have come back to. So I consider whether there could be other spaces within Canada.  While I’ve travelled coast to coast and seen numerous cities, the larger the city, (it seems) the more hustle one must deal with. When I commuted to Calgary, I experienced a different overall perspective on life when communing with those who live there. And while I’ve visited other locations where life seemed simpler, sometimes this came with a daily life which was hard. It is highly possible that somewhere within Canada there is a space which would appeal to what I’m wanting to align myself with – however, I’m not sure it would offer all what I’ve experienced thus far in Costa Rica.

When I consider where we are heading to – the slower vibe, the underlying entrepreneurial spirit which seems to permeate many of the locals we’ve met, the energy of the wind, rain, air and water, the rhythm – it all resonates with me.  While I’ve only been in Costa Rica a short while, it represents what I inherently feel is MY inner vibe.

I feel different going this time. I’m glad we were here. I’m looking forward to going home.

3m Adjustment – DoWoo #388/365

Gregory and Walter were departing quite early this morning to go down and visit Walter’s dad. We were putting stuff into the car for drop off when Gregory said he was looking forward to going back to Costa Rica. Why?  “‘Cause it’s cold here!”

It was only 40 degrees F / 4 degrees C at that time of the morning.   You could see our breath in the morning air.  However…right now, it’s about 77 F / 25 C with the sun shining brightly in my eyes.  Welcome to the first day of fall in southern Ontario, Canada!

While it’s typical for us to experience these weather shifts, it only took us 3 months to get used to the weather in Costa Rica.  Where we are renting, it ranges from about 20 to 28 (including overnight).

I was speaking with someone today who emigrated to Canada.  I commented on the pace of the Toronto area compared to Costa Rica – with Toronto being (on my experience) about an 8/10 on the hustle scale compared to CR being about a 3/10.  From her perspective Toronto was laid back compared to where she came from. We agreed going back to your home is a bit of a shock – she too went back to her home country after 3 months and noticed a significant shift.


Having counselled on the cultural shifts which one typically goes through when moving to another country, I understood there were certain stages we would work through.  Being prepared for the shifts did not make them disappear – just allowed us to be a bit more aware so we could deal with them. Coming back after 3 months allowed me to put a lot of what we are learning about ourselves and our environment into perspective.

I am most grateful we were able to do this time here.  I’m with Greg though and am also very grateful we are leaving before it gets any colder.

Shifting Importance – DoWoo #387/365

Started packing today.  Considering I packed the morning we left Costa Rica – I’m impressed I started 3 days earlier than our departure to return.  So far we have 2 bins to return to storage, a box for donation and 2 large suitcases (both just under 50 lbs) packed and ready to go.  

It’s been an interesting experience to revisit the things you like. Some things no longer hold the same appeal. I originally anticipated bring more clothing back and realized, when I looked at what I had already taken down to Costa Rica, I did not need much more. Just over 3 months ago I was a woman with bins of off season items, 3 clothing racks in the crawl space, 2 dressers and a closet full of clothes. I now have 1 drawer and a small section of the closet – and I’m good. 

shiftIn reviewing the additional items we’ve packed most are specific necessity items we use which we could not get in Costa Rica.  The rest include books for Greg, a few craft/art items for me, and our favourite frying pans. I never expected to miss a frying pan – but I do.  I’m so excited to use it tomorrow morning to cook breakfast before I pack it away to bring back home. 

I observe myself shifting what is important within my mind, my life. What takes precedence over something else has altered significantly.  I am grateful for the journey we are on as it has allowed me to embrace life itself.  

Get Out Of Jail FREE Card – DoWoo #386/365

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – Thoreau Walden.  I’ve heard this quote from a variety of sources and during a wide array of situations – typically referring to people who prefer to stay where they are, even though they are not happy with where they are. 


During the launch of the Master Key Experience (only a few days left) I got to thinking about this quote and realized the part about ‘quite desperation’ may be a bit of an oxymoron.  Many people I’ve interacted with over the years have been quite vocal in their predicament. They complain. They rant. They rave.  They blame everyone and everything (including fate) for their current situation – what they are not happy with.  I’ve observed many of them may be considered desperate but a good portion of may not actually be quiet. 

I was told once you cannot break someone out of jail if they don’t even know they are in jail.  If someone is dissatisfied with their life but have accepted their “lot” – then it may be they don’t know there is a way out…a different space they COULD be in, if only they chose to do something about it.  

I recall having a conversation with someone about 25 years ago. She was complaining about her life, how unhappy she was with her live-in boyfriend, the father of her son and newborn daughter. She was disheartened with how he was treating her older daughters (from her previous marriage).  She did not see anyway out.  She could not afford to raise her kids by herself and felt her boyfriend would come and take her son away from her. She was actually afraid he could be violent.  

I was just about to move into my first apartment by myself – no longer having to share a space with another person.  I had a good job, a car, and could afford a 1 bedroom apartment by myself.  I offered to give up my apartment and move in with her and the kids, help shoulder the expenses and lend a hand in raising the kids – if this would help her situation, she could count on me.  

She turned me down. 

I learned at an early age that people complain but choose to stay. I vowed not to do this. Years later I was with someone who beat me up emotionally and psychologically.  The day it became physical was the day I walked.  It took me years to recover, to rebuild my self-esteem and get my self-respect back. While it was a long road getting to my breaking point, and it took a long time to recover, I did it.  

We talk about people not accepting the call to action – the opportunities which present themselves to change their lives for the better.  I recognize no two situations are remotely alike, no two persons are the same – every situation and every person is unique.   What I also recognize – truly believe – is we were all put here to be the best person we can be, to life our lives to the fullest.  I just don’t understand why someone would choose to settle.  

free cardMany say “It’s hard to leave…to start over.”  I believe it is harder to stay KNOWING things are not what you envisioned for your life.  Dreaming about something and doing nothing about it is the HARD way. Change can be a long road but the end results – PRICELESS!  

Want an option?  Click HERE for one of the tools which helped me.  

This could be your “get out of jail free” card.  All you have to do is click.  Have a blessed day!  

Family Unit – DoWoo #385/365

Gregory had an opportunity to visit his friend for the weekend. They have not seen each other for 3 months and since we left, his friend moved to another area of town and a new school so does not have many friends yet.  They were ecstatic to see each other. 

The intent was to allow us alone time – what I did not expect was to miss him as much as I did. He used to have sleepovers with his friends on a regular basis but has not had any in 3 months. This is not a custom which has been adopted by the Costa Ricans we have met.  Kids play together and then they go home. Some kids have not been away from their family so our offers of including them in our trips to the beach have been graciously turned down. 

24244When we went to pick Gregory up today, I realized I had truly missed his energy during the last 48 hours.  He is typically interacting, playing with us, signing while his is doing whatever he is doing.  His energy is such a positive part of my day. The morning and evening cuddles, the discussions we have, the hugs just because.  I cannot imagine my life without him. 

It appears this trip back to Canada has resulted in a significant realization of what is important to me: Walter and Gregory.  They are my hearts!   Our family unit is now back together and I am feeling great! I am home! 

Interestingly – early today (before we picked up Greg) I was in Walmart and picked up the movie Home to watch this evening.  If you have not watched it – it’s cute!  Good message – all about family!   Hence – “Home”. 

A + Choice – DoWoo #384/365

If you’ve read my blog faithfully you’ve read about my passion for “It is my pleasure” when saying “you are welcome” when someone else says “thank you”.   In Costa Rica everyone says either “con gusto” or “con much gusto” – with much pleasure.  Being back in Canada we’ve heard a lot of “no problem” being bantered around.  We continue to share, when someone appears to be open to the share, the concept of sharing positive words rather than negative words . 

Today we recognized a new twist.  When someone asks “how are you?” many people answer “not bad” while some say “pretty good”.  Amazing!  They are basically the same but similar to the glass half full and glass half empty concept.   One tends to elicit the response of not wanting to know more and the other interest in what’s going on.  

Earlier this week a friend in Costa Rica shared this cartoon.  I love it – especially because I truly love floating on my back with my hands behind my head – floating without a care.  It is so peaceful and soothing.  


We learn within the #MasterKeyExperience through Charles Haanel words are the highest form of architecture.  In walking through life we have a choice how we share and how we live. If you have a choice…why not make it positive? 


Lucky # – DoWoo #383/365

13b_2COLOR_nascarEver look at your spouse and just know they are truly meant to be your partner in this journey of life?  I do.  Now I’m not going to state life is always a bowl of cherries…I don’t even like cherries.  We have our ups and downs like any 2 individuals who live together.  We then have the added joy of parenting together and most of all…the pièce de résistance, we also work together.  So…when you spend most of your 24 hours in a day with someone (besides yourself) stuff happens. 

Number13However, I also know he is my heart.  I mentioned to our landlady last evening – I fell in love with Walter at first sight.  I can still…13 year later…close my eyes and picture the moment I laid eyes on him across the table.  Hmmm…I think I’m onto something. 

Our son, is the 13th grandchild.  I purchased a bottle of red wine 2 days ago (recommended by the LCBO) called 13.  I wonder if there is some significance….

images (1)As per Numerology Number 13 is a karmic number and is the number of upheaval so that new ground can be broken. The number 13 has great power. If this power is used for selfish purposes, it will bring destruction of the self, and in turn, this will bring dis-ease and illnesses. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative.

Upon reflection, I believe we are in about as much upheaval as we can get and ground is being broken. So many changes recently, unexpected events which have had me take a good hard look at my life and what is important.   If we are in any way being selfish, I declare that changes now.  I shall sit on this, and ask for clarity of any area which requires adjustment.  We are certainly – all 3 of us – in a situation of change – and we declare this is a moment of graceful adaptation. We remain in the positive. 

I am blessed to be here. I am blessed to be with Walter and Gregory.  I am blessed for all the amazing people who surround me.  It is a darn fine lucky #.  

lucky 13


Another One Off the List – DoWoo #382/365

Gregory made an exclamation a few weeks ago when we were in Manuel Antonio – he has decided he wants to see every animal in the world in their natural habitat.  One of the things we aim towards is to encourage every idea he has – you just never know where it may lead.  When he said he had a friend we could not see, we asked what was his name and then made him responsible for all his actions (since we could not see him). When he said he wanted to own a restaurant, we asked him what name he would use and what kind of food he would have, raving about the menus he made – with pictures for those who could not read the words. 

20150917_194851_resizedSo far he has seen quite a number of different animals in Costa Rica – all where they live.  

Today he exclaimed he had one more ticked off the list – a beaver.  And what a beaver he was. Walter and I heard something in the woods.   After a lot of rustling we saw the beaver waddle down. He paused at the end of the pond before he slumped into the water. His back looked like a dome – almost a foot high from the ground – with the entire beaver (without the tail) being about 2 feet long – with the tail another 2 feet.  He swam out to the middle and then went over to the dock. He eventually had a late night snack over on the side of the pond near the dock.  

While it was dusk, we were able to get a few shots and a video.  Gregory was ecstatic for the experience.  

You never know what you may find in Utopia!  

Which Way To Corn – DoWoo #381/365

Was really excited for dinner tonight! Premium steak and fresh peaches and cream corn.  3 things we’ve missed. No…I did not make an error on counting. The 3rd aspect was the barbeque to cook the steaks! mmm – fantastic!


OK – So we’re sitting there and everyone is enjoying their corn when I look over at Walter and notice he is eating his corn in a different way than I am.  Not that anyone ever told me there was a “way” to eat corn.  It was just interesting. Have you ever noticed this?  Which way do YOU eat your corn?  Maybe there are other ways I have not thought of. 

Walter chooses to eat in rows.  Taking a full set of rows across, then moving to the next row and eating from left to right.  


Myself, I eat in circles, left to right.  Eating all the way around the left end. Then moving inwards and proceeding to each all the way around again. 


Do you think there is a personality correlation as to one or the other?

Singing – DoWoo #380/365

Spending time with Gregory these last few day I’ve noticed an interesting thing, more so than I have observed before….he sings while he does everything!  He sang while picking up twigs and small sticks for the fire. He sang while he was washing the dishes. He sang while he was playing outside. I even caught him singing while reading his book.

Back in Costa Rica he sings while pulling greenery from the rock beds around the house.  I asked him once. He said it made it more fun to sing.  Today I vow to remember this.  Singing makes the heart light and ultimately the activity less like work and more like fun.  I am blessed to have my son keep me on the positive side of life.

Day of Discovery – DoWoo #379/365

Chose to stay in Utopia today to get work done. By doing so I was able to connect with our hostess and her other guests. I learned so much. We started with a different form of yoga – out on the grass, in the early morning sun! Heaven. 

After work and a shared lunch with our hosts, Gregory and I checked out the pool and hot tub. She using microbes which maintain the water balance. I chatted with her a bit on this – but in so doing, realized I was only touching on the tip of the information available on this subject. 

This evening we had a fire (ohhhh, how we’ve missed our fires) under the stars – a clear night – absolutely wonderful. We met a young couple who are partners in a vegetarian restaurant and healing centre down the street.  We spoke on a variety of subjects. They have much they are passionate about.   It was enlightening.  

All in all it was a day of discovery and sharing.  What a joyous way to spend a day!

Zen-Like Moment – DoWoo #378/365

Saw my father-in-law today and took him out for lunch at the Kimono Chinese Buffet. I truly love going there. For the almost 13 years I have been involved with the family all special occasions are celebrated at the local buffet. Today the owner’s wife commented on how much Gregory has grown – she remembers running to get the highchair whenever he was toddling in.  Later, Gregory came back to the table without desert – he commented there was no Jello.  Since he was old enough to have Jello, he’s been eating it there, his grandmother made Jello for each and every visit after she recognized how much he loved Jello at the restaurant.  We questioned whether there would be Jello soon to which she explained they have stopped making it.  Turns out little ones play with the Jello and make an absolute mess with it going all over the floor.  He made the best of it and returned the second attempt with 3 different cakes to eat. 

I have observed these last 2 days that a part of the busyness of this location still appeals to some latent peptide deep within me.  It called to me. It asked me to join it in is busyness and create that feeling of being on the treadmill.  Interestingly I only observed this after I had already chosen to stay aligned with my more-zen-like new blueprint.  The new blue print won but it allowed me to see the process so I could embrace in the unconsciously competent victory.

The Master Key Experience showed me how shift my environment to where it is meant to be to allow for my purpose, my dharma, to unfold.   I am grateful to be here. I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Better? – DoWoo #377/365

A day filled with being grateful and fun interactions / observations.  

Our hostess showed us around her space, the indoor pool cleaned using microbes, the sauna, the hot tub, yoga house (down by the river), the spring fed pond….so much going on, an amazing space I look forward to hearing more about.  We then drove back into our old digs and Greg spent the afternoon with his best friend and Walter and I visited my sister.  

We went shopping for groceries and a few essentials.  When we are in Costa Rica we convert everything to Canadian $ – using approximately 2.5x less 000 to make the estimated $ value. Today while I was shopping, I was converting everything to Costa Rican colones!  Dividing by 2.5 to get an estimate in my mind for comparison.  

We wrapped up the day by going to Swiss Chalet. For those of you non-Canadians – this is a chicken and rib restaurant which is known for his rotisserie preparation of the chicken AND the sauce they give you to dip everything in.  Our waitress looked a bit frazzled by the time she got to us – Yvonne. When I lightened the mood for her, she admitted to today being her 4th day on the job and still getting the hang of things.  Having recently tried this just for an evening…I totally got where she was coming from. 

When she returned with our drink orders she asked what nationality we were (Gregory had ordered asking for water in Spanish). We explained we were residing in Costa Rica but were back in Canada for a few things.  She commented we should check out Ecuador – she is originally from there.  I asked her how she ended up in Canada.  She said her parents came to Canada for a better life.   As she walked away carrying the dishes and cleared items from the table behind us, she looked back at us and said “Not sure how THIS is better.” 

Turns out Yvonne has a regular job, is going to school to eventually work for the police and this is her part time job.  A dedicated young girl who takes her service seriously.  We shared a few stories, tipped her well and wished her an abundance of success for her chosen journey.  A nice add to our day. 

I observed a variety of things: more traffic lights in a 1 hour drive than I’ve seen in 3 months in Costa Rica; stopping to feel the act of feeling comfortable in walking across the grass without having to shine a light and look out for snakes; coffee here has less flavour that Costa Rican coffee (I think that borders on an opinion…but it’s true!); all the roads we travelled on were paved; the curves on the back roads are more gentle and take a long time to come around; skunks spray is definitely not something I missed; most people appear to be in a hurry; there are soooo many options for whatever it is you are looking for. 

Going to Costa Rica resulted in quite a number of interesting observations. Coming back to Canada has resulted in as many or more!  Having a blast reconnecting and getting our bearings. 

Utopia – DoWoo #376/365

(written 9.11.15 but published 9.12.15 due to internet access)

We’re here! Left ‘paradise’ this morning and arrived in ‘utopia’ this evening.  A day filled with going with the flow and allowing it to unfold – having faith in the universe to take care of us.  When we were on the last leg of our journey, driving north to Utopia, I said we were a family of 3 and Walter corrected me…saying we are a family of 4 – the 3 of us and the universe.  So true!

I got to thinking and realized we are never alone. Whether one believes in the source, the universe, or God – we are never alone – our back is covered.  Just like the footprints in the sand where God said during the difficult times, when there was only one set of footprints, He carried the man. 

One of the interesting things we noticed was the vibe of the city – the energy here is different.  We are very blessed to have found this space for the 2 weeks we are here.  We are about an hour north of the city, sitting on over 60 acres with our hosts in the main house, a stone’s throw away – but allowing for our own private space.  Peace!

Driving on the highway, at 120 km/h (ish) with a sea of red tail lights in front of us, transport trucks surrounding us, another steady stream of white head lights coming towards us – felt strange.  I recognized the memory but it felt a bit surreal.

Looking forward to seeing what we put into storage, visiting friends and family and…my massage therapist.  I miss Don.  He is the absolute best at what he does.  I’m sure more revelations are on their way.  I’m happy to be here and with my men. Blessings abound!

The View – DoWoo #375/365

One of the things I’ve noticed since I’ve been here is every person has a slice of paradise. The person may be a local or a transplant but from their perspective on the land, they have a view of something spectacular.

Walter and I had taken a slight detour up a road close to us. This is what we found.


So similar to our lives. Each one of us has something special to offer this world – it is our perspective – our piece of the whole.  We just need to remember to appreciate one as much as the other.

A Shift – DoWoo #374/365

Had a significant realignment happen today.  

As you know Dr. Wayne Dyer recently passed.  I received an email stating “Wayne Dyer passed away on August 30th. August 30, 1974 was, in fact, what Wayne considered the most important day of his life. It was the day that Wayne went to the grave site for the father he never met in Biloxi, Mississippi. After going to his father’s grave, he wrote Your Erroneous Zones in 14 days, and his life changed forever.  So Wayne passed away exactly 41 years after the most important day of his life.  We have a film that we produced with Wayne at Hay House about this time in his life called, My Greatest Teacher, which shows the amazing events that took place in order for Wayne to even get to his father’s grave and how it changed him forever.”

Dr. W

I watched My Greatest Teacher . I got choked up.  I cried.  What I found surprising – recognizing my own father and myself in the portrayal of the younger Wayne. It was like I took a part of a similar journey with him including the moment of recognition and clarity.  Another day of observation and readjustment.  A step closer to being the person I am meant to be. 

Gregory called Walter numerous times today from school. He is struggling. Walter spoke with the teacher and found out when Gregory was first at the school he had been using his tablet at school, not for translation and connecting with the other kids, but for playing games by himself. Recently, without having his tablet at school, he is trying to now connect with the other kids and they don’t want to play with him. He did not use his initial time in the new school well.  He recognizes this but as many 10 year old boys with electronics – he has an addiction which we have not nipped in the bud efficiently. 

Both Walter and I come from a family prone to addiction of some sort. We’ve recognized this within ourselves – I used to LOVE World Mole on my blackberry.  We ended up having a long conversation about addiction. He explains his strategy is to just ignore it. We explained it is not as simple as just ignoring something – that doing so means it’s still there and you are having to exert effort not to pay attention to it. Rather, it is the law of substitution – we replace the one thought with another immediately, therefore creating an enthusiastic response to something which has good results. We are stepping up our language lessons.  This is a significant opportunity for us to show Gregory the power of practice and focus.  Not to mention a tool he can carry with him throughout his life – all leading to positive results.  

I am grateful for today! 

What It Is! – DoWoo #373/365

We have been in Costa Rica for almost 3 months now. During this time I have observed repeatedly that things are not always what they seem. This tends to result from a variety of areas.

  • What the situation actually is.
  • What someone reveals the situation to be when they share it, based upon their perspective.
  • What we perceive the situation to be based upon our own filters and perspective.
  • AND….What the situation actually is.

We choose to allow information to be processed and received and take what we determine to be of importance to us. However, what is important at one moment may not be important the next.

no internetThis evening I’m sitting here writing my blog without internet.  We have the house internet and the back-up internet hub and neither is working.  While I have met my goal of 365 blogs in 365 days, I also do not want to miss even one day unless I have no other choice…because I know how easy it is to fall off the routine. If I miss one day, then it may be ok to miss another, and soon I’ll ask why I’m doing this – and I may fall too far off my desired route.

My importance in this matter is my commitment to record observations. I recognize I’m not always able to remain opinion free and I accept this as part of my growth.  So when something which is key to my daily routine (ie: internet) is not available – then I choose to go find it.  I also observe that this will be resolved. At this point I am not completely sure how but I know I will be working with consistent internet for my business requirements – even if it means we move!

I’m going to hop in the car and drive to a few points I know have internet and post this.  If you are reading this…you know I was successful.  Have a day filled with being grateful for what we do have and recognize that things may not always be what they appear to be – they may be just what they are!